02 Apr

Foot Scavenger Hunt Teambuilding

“Thank you for helping make our team events a success! Both teams [each on a different day] had a great time.” – Mobify – Doing a Foot Scavenger Hunt Team Building event. We planned this as a two day event where each team went on a hunt a day apart. They met back together on the second day to determine the winner and they were only a scant 3 points apart.The Roundhouse Train Clue

Team Building is important and Mobify recognizes the positive results that can be achieved by having teams within your organization engage one another in fun, challenging and rewarding events. The Foot Hunt we did for them accomplished this as the series of clues, riddles and items that needed collected where varied and in random order. They therefore had to figure out the best approach before setting out to hunt down the clues, items and either procure the items or take a creative photo of their team at the clue location.

We customized the scavenger hunt to suit their needs and made it so that they had a maximum of 2 hours to complete from the moment the host finished introducing the hunt and explaining the rules and handing out the clue / riddle sheet.

One can never underestimate the effect a great team experience can have on productivity. People work better together if they get along, understand the others approach to problem solving and enjoy coming up with solutions together. A scavenger hunt, well developed, can have this effect.

Next time you’re thinking of what type of team building event you need to get strong interaction, off-site and engaging then consider a professionally managed Foot Scavenger Hunt.

By Chris Hill

21 Jan

Vancouver Corporate Entertainment

“On behalf of everyone here at Sabre Industrial Supplies, I would love to thank you and your team for giving us such a wonderfully fun evening!!  Everyone has expressed to me that they had a great time and that we would all love to do something like this in the future, again.  We have done a few Vancouver Cruise dinners in the past, but your boat and it’s crew were, by far, the best we have ever had!!  The food was delicious (Especially that curried pasta!), the service was fast, and having TV’s on the boat (Royal Vancouver I), playing the game, was a big highlight.
The actors were so great!  Playing off of all of us nicely and they really enthusiastic!  Everyone believed that we actually hired two new staff members!  And your actors didn’t break character at all!  They were so funny and creative with how they worked our personal details into their script!  Even the two children that were with us that evening got right into it and had a lot of fun trying to blame me for being the murderer!  Haha.

Overall, it was a great experience that everyone participated in and had lots of fun!  I would highly recommend you to anyone else I know that are looking for a way to entertain their staff.  It was nearly perfect!

Thank you so much for putting together a great time for us!”

– Sabre Industrial Supplies –

08 Mar

“What an Enjoyable Time!”

“We’ve pretty much spent the morning talking about what  a great time everyone had!  What an enjoyable time Slixer provided; lots of laughs and interesting surprises.   Everything worked! Thank you from all of us.  We look forward to working with you again.” – Oxford Properties – March 2013

05 Mar

Plenty Of Fun!

“We had a great time – thanks so much for a great party! Everyone loved the food and venue – everything seemed really well planned and executed.” – Plenty Of Fish – March 2013

01 Mar

What a Show!

“Thanks to each of your group – everyone had a GREAT time, the location, food was excellent, and your Murder Mystery fit so well with our group.”

– Alberta Newsprint – February 2013

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