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Our Event Production Team will customize parts of your event. Slixer’s unique experience with excellent bespoke material.


Providing clients with an experienced and informed team reinforcing client confidence. Attention to detail is paramount.

Go Time!

With planning all complete, the event is ready to go! The Participants will enjoy their event with smiles and laughs all around. 

Team Building
CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED INFORMATION. Here you can find specific information about team-building events and activities in Slixer Events & Entertainment
Murder Mystery
CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED INFORMATION. Slixer Events & Entertainment murder mystery: Whether live or virtual, we’ll take our guests through one or two hours of hilarious, interactive fun in which nobody is left out of the fun. We have news articles, autopsies, more than one murder, notes from suspects, letters from lawyers and a plethora of clues and evidence. You must figure out “whodunit?!?” by sleuthful detective work. For instance, is that guests really there just for dinner or is something more sinister afoot?
HunTS, Races, Explorers
CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED INFORMATION. In Slixer Events & Entertainment we customize for any occasion and you can request specific information about each type of hunt or race. You can brand the app with your colours and logo and have cool videos from your boss released during the hunt where they’ve been kidnapped and you must find them! The video can be a message of encouragement and there can be more than one as the hunt progresses.
Team Events & Activities

Team bonding has been proven to increase productivity in the workplace or the strength of friendships in relationships. Whether working or playing together, apart or in remote groups; each has its own unique requirements. Without team cohesion, you will certainly start to drift away from your goals and business focus.  With team unity, you have a bonded strength that will drive your common vision to a fruitful reality.

This is where Team building days are of the utmost importance.  They give you a chance to step out of the office environment, literally or virtually, and through enjoyable and unique engagement, strengthen your team’s bond.

Social Networking

We are firm believers that a vibrant corporate social environment is critical for retaining and promoting qualified people.  A company, client or employee function will particularly benefit from Slixer’s array of corporate team-building and social networking events.

Many of our team events are driven by our exclusive technology.  All our events can be tailored to a variety of needs, both in-person and virtual, for example:

  • Break-out from your conference
  • Team reward
  • Brand & Marketing
  • Team Socials & Networking
  • Client outing
  • Corporate day out
  • Team-building

We have fantastic events that are hi-tech and take place indoors, remotely and virtually.  In other words, you don’t need to get wet, cold or hot to take advantage of a great team event. You don’t even need to leave your home! A hotel, resort, your office at home, for instance, are all ideal for a Social Trivia Quiz, Virtual Escape, Murder Mystery, scavenger hunt, city or indoor explorer or a number of other great activities.  It is, for this reason, we’re good for any season!