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Murder Mystery

Experience an unforgettable time of suspense and laughter with a murder mystery dinner theatre event! Our skilled actors create a unique, thrilling performance that is sure to keep your guests on the edge of their seats.

Virtual Mystery

Virtual murder mystery activities are an perfect way to add intrigue and excitement to any event. Designed for team-building and communication and excellent for engagement.

Explorer Series

The Explorer Series is a range of fun enrichment activities that are built into our popular location-based Adventure App. Great for excitement of a city or venue explorer.

Spy School Training

You and your team have been enrolled in a top-secret training mission to become the ultimate agents. Earn your training badges and solve this covert case against the clock!

Scavenger Hunts

Our unique scavenger hunt makes use of our Adventure App to guide you through cool neighborhoods, eclectic art districts or an indoor venue. Photo/video challenges plus fun trivia wraps the event with an awesome presentation

Arctic Survival

Test your virtual survival instincts in a race against time. Work together with your team to crack the code, find your location and complete the rescue mission!

Make it more interactive with live actors!

Limo Hunts

Limo Explorers provide the utmost combination of class, fun and hilarity! Every participant will be guaranteed maximum enjoyment while making lifelong memories.

Space Survival

Do you have the right stuff to be part of a space survival team? You’ve crash-landed on Earth, but all is not what it appears to be…

Art Heist Escape

The question is simple; do you and your team have what it takes to escape? Based on popular escape room challenges, this 60-minute activity combines tasks, riddles and puzzles that will put your problem-solving skills to the test.

Amazing Race

Awesome themes to suit the location Challenge Stations with actors, Detours leading teams to Roadblock where anything can happen as you compete in an Amazing Race to the Finish Mat.

Jungle Survival

You’ve crashed your plane in the thick of things. Will your team survive the dangers of the jungle and reclaim the precious artifact before time runs out?

Around the World

Teambuild your way around the world without ever having to leave the room by completing a series of local, national and international challenges that will put teamwork, communications skills and creativity to the test.

Key feature? Fun!

Our pool of talented artists are on fire! We will light up your events with fun team activities that clients just love!

“I was very impressed with Slixer.  Slixer's host was excellent and their adventure app worked great:-) It was fun to check results and see where each team was at along live with photoboard! The Limo Hunt certainly achieved what it was intended to do for team building and great fun!  Thanks again.”


L. Larsen | Travel Time