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Slixer facilitates team building collaborations, entertainment productions, corporate events, virtual and remote engagements, product launches, onboarding, orientation, learning exercises, fundraisers, murder mystery, improv comedy, birthday parties, stags and stagettes, anniversaries and many other creative engagements.

Slixer Values


 Strive for Success

We exceed expectations, delight clients and our colleagues and aim to continuously improve.

Love What We Do

We love putting on amazing events and seeing so many highly satisfied clients.

Happy Slixer family = happy clients.

 Inspire, Intrigue, Involve

We involve and support the Slixer family, inspire each other and help make everyday fun and intriguing.


We have a ‘can do’ attitude and are passionate about growth and realizing our potential.

Expand Horizons

We are bold, valiant thinkers, with a thirst for the atypical, playing a part in forging new directions.

Respect & Honesty

We treat others as we wish to be treated; with respect, honesty, fairness and compassion and always aim to do what’s right.


Our mission is to be a definitive asset for trusted, adaptable and engaging events across Canada and the US.

Whatever event you decide upon, our team will make it engaging and fun. We have been delivering exceptional live performances and events for almost two decades. Utilizing cutting-edge technology via our exclusive smart device app enables Slixer to produce outstanding corporate and private events.

We employ high quality talent from creative fields and event management backgrounds and compensate them well. This allows us to maintain long term collaborations providing our clients with a highly experienced and knowledgeable team.  Slixer Events and Entertainment was founded with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective: to provide unique events tailored for each client.


Virtual Team EventsVirtual Team Events

Share your team experiences with colleagues…virtually!

What are Virtual Team Events?

Virtual Team Events are the perfect solution to help bring geographically distributed teams together. We understand the challenges that come with bringing all your employees together in one place, especially in todays enviroment.

We have collaborated with our global network of virtual team events providers to develope and launch our industries unique virtual team events. These virtual activity options allow geographically distributed teams more effective and engaging events than ever before.

If your organization has workers required to work from home, colleagues that are based in a different city or country or a combination of these, we have team building solutions. Whatever the case, Slixer Events can help. Our virtual options, like Virtual Murder Mystery, Daily Kick-Off or Virtual Social Quiz, allow teams in different locations to participate in team building events, all without having to leave their home, office or local area.

Take part in the same event, at the same time in the same city, country or even globally.

Virtual Team Options

Daily Kick-Off

What better way to kick off your day or week than a friendly and fun competition with your colleagues!


Team Social

Our Team Social was designed as a virtual work-place social. Time to relax!


Away Day

Hosting a classic team building activity but remotely? Get teams together virtually to collaborate and have fun!



The aim of this virtual game is simple: Score as many points as possible before you run out of time. A sure-fire hit!


Murder Mystery

Truly an amazing virtual Murder Mystery! Virtually search for clues and catch the killer...whodunnit!?


Virtual Explorer

A virtual explorer lets you get out and about individually but virtually as a team.


Murder Mystery

“You have the right to remain silent…forever!”

Murder Mystery Dinners / Luncheons / Cruises / Corporate / Public Shows / Locations

Themes: Corporarte Espionage / 1920’s and other decades / Clueless / Masquarade / Holiday / Custom / Virtual

Hilarious by nature…deadly by design! The first cocktails of the evening…playful laughter, casual socializing…”hahaha” and then…a sudden surprise as shots ring out! Was that a hitman? Was it a guest? Did the detective just take down a felon or eliminate a potential witness?

Could it be an inside job? Does he get the “hit” or does he get himself shot; from that moment on…it’s anybody’s game!

A homicide detective arrives and every eye scans for the guilty party. Who will reveal the truth and who will unveil the real culprit? Who hired him? Why? Should anyone beware? Has the “fun” just begun? How long has the barkeep been employed? Who else is involved? Is that your real hair colour?

Comedy is the key ingredient.

Murder Mystery dinner theatre is staged in an environment of great food, whether a sit-down dinner, buffet, luncheon or tapas and cocktail style. In addition performed in unique environments and plenty of ambiance such as restaurants, cruise boats, private homes or lounges. More over, each event has a customized script created along with a professional cast rehearsed in the plot.

The actors then arrive just like the real guests with no one knowing who they are – incognito. That’s when all the fun begins! At any given moment you could be talking to a murderer, a potential victim or just plain innocents. But that’s all part of the fun as wild scenes sporadically erupt.

Then guests have an opportunity to try and solve it before the actors wrap things up with the big, cataclysmic conclusion.

Improv Troupe


“Never take life seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway!”

Outstanding professional improv comedians will cause full-out laughs! We will work with you gathering inside information to customize your groups improv experience complete with comedy and wit.

Improv is a perfect way to enhance any event with interactive entertainment and laughter. With energy driven improv troupes available in your city, our comedians will have you rolling on the floor in fits of laughter.

Improv comedy is engaging team-bonding at its best!

Alternatively, you can select our Team building Improv event where your people actually participate and learn improv techniques. Comedy fosters successful collaboration. In order to succeed, participants must establish effective communication and accept and build upon each other’s actions while remaining as flexible as possible. As a result, everyone is empowered to interactively discover his or her inherent creative potential.

A Common Side Effect: Laughter!

Improv comedy is fun. A common “side effect” of most Improv experiences is laughter. It is widely accepted that introducing humour into the training process, or convention setting, enhances learning and improves retention. Importantly, Improv introduces and supports a brand of inclusive humour in which everyone feels welcomed. This can be contrasted to the exclusive type of humour that marginalizes individuals or groups and often has negative results.


Team building perfection

Scavenger Hunts - Virtual, Real Time, RemoteSCAVENGER HUNTS & RACES

Events Charged by Technology

Slixer is a leading provider of technology fuelled, interactive and engaging scavenger hunts in Canada and the US.

Scavenger Hunt and Race events are clever, customized and creative. Whether a City Explorer, Indoor Hunt, Scavenger Hunt, Treasure Hunt, Spy School, Limo Hunt, Amazing Race or our evolutionary Virtual Explorers, Hunts and races. They are all an enjoyable and interactive experience taking place in any weather, any location and city. 

Locations include; downtown, parks, around your office, resorts, indoor walkways and underground pathways, inside hotels and conference centres or any location of your choice.

Our Virtual Scavenger Hunts are becoming very popular as well. If you have a distributed workforce, employees working from home or remote locations or staff across the globe our virtual hunts are perfect. Individuals participate in real time with other participants in and around their own location while the challenges are mirrored in every other location. Truly amazing technology that makes teams feel as if they are all in the same location enjoying this team event.

Great for corporate team building activities, conference breakaways, orientation, onboarding, birthday parties, bachelorettes, stags or just for a fun event with your friends. Suitable for any age or physical ability.

Each event customized based on your group dynamics and theme. In the event that a corporate event desires their values and mantra to be threaded throughout we can deliver. Of course, a bachelorette party must have some racy clues and challenges like marriage and love related tasks. Likewise, a birthday party will have clues and riddles focused around the number and also the year the birthday guest was born.

Limo Scavenger Hunt

Limo Scavenger Hunt

“The Journey is the Reward”

Offering the best in team entertainment using classy limos and our smart device Adventure App.

Uniquely, our limo scavenger hunt events are catered for maximum enjoyment while providing class, fun and hilarity. Particularly perfect for a corporate break or team building, birthday parties, stagettes, stags and anything in between.

Each city we offer our limo hunt in has carefully selected points to showcase the city. For instance, provide historical reference, further, highlight famous locations so as to challenge the smartest in your group (or limo) and works rain, shine or even blizzard!

Let the Games Begin!

  • Each team is supplied with a login to your pre-downloaded Adventure App and also a “Mission Briefing” before the event.
  • Teams are the pre-divided equally further, your group determines division.
  • You have exactly two hour (or three hour option) from departure to get as many points as you can. Above all, the group with the most points determines the winner. Ultimately the facilitator will make final calculation.
  • Especially cool is you can see the other teams in real time and how many points they have too.
  • Some Clues / Riddles and GPS Hotspots are more difficult or further and given that, will be awarded extra points.
  • As well as clues / riddles there are photo clues, videos clues and you’ll be taking videos and clues yourselves.

Slixer's Foot Scavenger HuntFoot Scavenger Hunts & Explorers

“The Journey is the Reward”

An absolute must for any group wanting an adventurous outing or exploration.

Foot & Scavenger/Treasure Hunts/Explorers can take place literally anywhere, any season, anytime, indoors, outdoors or even virtually using our Adventure App. We will customize your hunt to suit your specific needs and can tailor so that it meets a specific theme, event or vision.

Initially, teams will receive a “Mission Briefing” that has clear instruction on downloading the app, how the game works and video demonstrations. On the day of the event, a host will be greeting guests at the start and will go over the game, rules, tech with fun and flare. Hosts inject fun, energy and wit into the event and the wrap-up is always good for a laugh when reviewing the photos. Ultimately the host will have final determination on the winning team.

We also offer Part and Self Managed events that are self-hosted and/or auto controlled in the Game Master HQ.

Let the “Hunt” Commence!

  • Each team will have pre-downloaded our Adventure App and been emailed a “Mission Briefing”
  • Kitten Poses for Jungle Explorer ChallengeEach question, photo or video has predetermined maximum points BUT creativity gets more as behind the scenes we have a Game Master scoring your photos and videos – and they get pretty hilarious. For instance, for our Jungle Themed Explore, after a series of quizzes about mammals, to unlock the next Jungle Tasks teams had to: “Locate a non-human animal and photo in a cute pose”
  • Teams are pre-divided groups between 4 and 8 of your choice.
  • At the start, Teams will start the app according to instruction.
  • You have exactly a predetermined amount of time (1-3 hours) from the start to get as many points as you can.
  • Overall, the Team with the most points wins. Then there is a prize for the winning team to share.

Our Explorer series includes:

  • City
  • Museum
  • Bar
  • Park
  • Ghost
  • Venue / Hotel / Resort
  • Virtual / Remote

Amazing RaceAmazing Race


Slixer’s Amazing Race has the digital meet physical in our unique styled race.

Competitive, collaborative and of course, an absolute blast! Unlike the TV show, we are not out to make you cry, get dirty, nauseous, angry or murderous (we’ll save that one for our murder mystery events!).

Everyone has a chance to win a prize whether rain or shine. Additionally, participants will be racing in a customised event built to suit a specific function, corporate mission or theme, vision, birthday, bachelorette, anniversary, bar / bat mitzvah and any type of special event.

Furthermore, participants will embark on a significantly fun adventure around a location chosen by you or one of our suggested locations. Then, through mixture of smart device tech and actors at challenges stations participants will truly have a one of a kind and uniquely engaging event.

There will be facilitators in costume at each challenge station. “Racers” will need to unlock clues to get there. Along the way, they will have to collect, observe and report tasks. Then provide these to the facilitators in order to obtain their next task. Once they have completed their task at each destination, they will receive their next clue.

Each team will be provided with the rules and these will be provided before their first clue. Each destinations facilitator or location will have a route marker which will confirm they have arrived at correct destination or task station. The first team on the Finish Mat wins the Amazing Race!


During the Amazing Race the challenges that your team will come across are stimulating enough by themselves. However, increasing the wager substantially is the added ingredient of racing against other teams . The objective of each team is to successfully complete challenges on a GPS guided journey around your chosen location. Clients will have challenges designed specifically for your event. Teams will have to over come the following situations along their journey:

  • Detours: Teams will need to complete a challenge which takes them off their route.
  • Route Markers: Smart device hi-tech takes teams to challenge stations with GPS and clues.
  • Road Blocks: Teams must immediately complete a fun and interesting task which unlocks their next clue.

Once all teams have arrived at the finish mat, the wining team will be determined. Slixer’s host will verify race information and results. All “racers” involved in this exciting and fun team building event, no matter the winning results, will enjoy the occasion mingling with their fellow “racers” and seeing the known and not so well known stops along the way.



Highlight Historical Hotspots: Your Team must choose six riddles / clues AND three questions from selection of riddles / clues / questions that have a metaphorical or direct correlation to CLIENT and then obtain photographs / answers of the resulting object / locations / answer. ALL team members AND ONE STRANGER must be in each photo (minus photo taker).

Once six photos and three questions have been collected you must return to this location and have the facilitator confirm to receive next clue. For each riddle / question you do not get a 15 minute time penalty will be added (eg: if you only get 5 riddles and 2 questions then 2×15 minutes = 30


Acquire Artistic Appreciation: Your team must now use their creativity to draw the lake view, each team member AND ONE STRANGER must add one element and then, upon completion it must be presented to facilitator to obtain next clue.

In case of a tie on the Finish Mat, to decide a winner this challenge has a grading system. The better grade would win, you will receive a grade for your ART – either:  A+ / A / A-


Choose any outdoor space for your event which will be suited for one of our customised courses. Smart device guidance allows teams to easily follow GPS pins as they race other teams and the clock in a furious dash to the finish mat.

Literally anywhere there is cell coverage is good to set-up start and end locations of the Amazing Race. An enjoyable and relaxing end destination where “racers” will feel happy unwinding while they recall the hilarious and delightful parts of the race is recommended.

Our interactive event will keep your “racers” engaged and happy for approximately 3 hours. Outdoors is where most of this event happens so take regard of weather factors.


  • A Mission Briefing emailed that has the Adventure App instructions.
  • Fabulous Professional Host at Start & Finish
  • Facilitators in costume at challenge stations
  • Clever Clues and Riddles
  • Customisation based on your Theme / Mantra / Values
  • Fantastic Prize
  • Video collage of the event
  • Clues, Detours, Road Blocks accessed on personal smart devices. No setup required, Just download our app.
  • Real time results and instant winner determination
Slixer Events, Entertainment, Virtual Options

Team Building Activities & Events

Whether Image Recognition, Augmented Reality, GPS or our Virtual and Remote events our unique technology takes the team building activities to a whole new level. Indoor, outdoor, country, city or virtual locations, using a smart device loaded with unique bespoke content means anywhere, anytime is ideal for a team event. Our production team can take custom content you want included and build your event to your exact needs, we can even brand it to match your organization.

The challenges and tasks we design are not just fun and engaging but effective at strengthening team cohesiveness, collaboration and production.

Is your team geographically distributed? No problem!

High-tech for High-tech sake is not what we are about. We knew with explosion of smart device technology that we were uniquely positioned to revolutionize the interactive team building experience. Not just with amazing team event get togethers but virtual and remote events that engage your workforce with each other in real-time.

A Range of Unique Products

Of course our Murder Mystery and Improv Comedy are always a favorite and present a totally different option. Regardless of which you select, each team will receive instruction on how to pre-load your smart devices with your unique event, packed with a range of features that will engage, motivate and provide insight.

Using Google maps, teams can be tracked on their journey adding a fun yet competitive element to the event. Progress is tracked and questions, tasks and challenges will only be activated when teams are in a particular location.


Slixer delivers team events with purpose – everything from Team Building & Social Events, Icebreakers, Orientation & Onboarding Activities to Learning & Development and Brand Activation & Experiential Marketing. Whatever your goal or objective for your team event, our activities and challenges provide a unique and entertaining solution, with measurable results and insightful learning outcomes.

The world – it’s cities, towns and venues – is your oyster, and armed with one of our tablets, teams can explore, learn, engage and have fun. Virtually we combine real-time video iwth our tech to get everyone together – virtually! Our unique technology uses GPS and image recognition functionality, meaning that it can be used almost anywhere – we’ve not yet made it to Antarctica, but never say never! Our dedicated and experienced events team will help you plan and then deliver a unique, effective and memorable experience.

Instant Feedback & Live Scoreboard

Earn points for correct answers and receive penalties when wrong.  A live scoreboard updates to build competition and excitement throughout the game.

The cornerstone of what we do. We’ll include a huge variety of great clues, questions and trivia that will test the teams, get them working together, and having fun. Photo and video challenges add a creative touch and will be shown during the results session to bring the event to a memorable finale.

Virtual and Remote: Combining our technology with Zoom conferencing allows teams to interact in real time from distributed locations in real-time. This includes our Game Master orchestrating the event from a virtual location that can be any type of location to fit your theme. The camaraderie is truly amazing and is essential in building and maintaining team cohesion when your team can not physically be in the same location.

Team Building Activities & Gamified Solutions

At Slixer we love any excuse for a get together!

Our range of team building and social options are the perfect accompaniment to any staff or client event. Tech, No-Tech, Virtual or Remote; it is your choice.

Slixer is a leading provider of employee engagement events, icebreakers and team activities both on location and virtually. Our varied range of solutions invite you and your team to have fun, engage and learn how to be effective in the workplace even if that workplace is distributed across the city or across the globe. Using our award-winning technology, we create experiential team challenges hosted through our versatile app, using customised client content, interactive maps, augmented reality, GPS and image recognition technology.

We offer a selection of indoor, outdoor, virtual and remote team building options that can be personalised to reflect your goals and requirements.

Onboarding Made Experiential

A new approach for new recruits. With Slixer, onboarding is interactive, engaging and can be done virtually and remotely.

Our experiential app will ensure your new starters are fully equipped and raring to go!

Using our advanced technology, Slixer provides a unique, gamified solution to support your Onboarding & Orientation requirements, wherever in the world you may be. Our innovative and immersive app has been designed to gamify the process of Onboarding & Orientation. Whether you’re looking to help new recruits get to know the office and local area, relocating offices, encouraging employees to get out and about discovering your campus or business park or helping graduates settle into working life – we’ve got it covered!

We will put together a detailed, visual proposal that will explain in detail.

Onboarding Modules built in-app
Here we have a sample of the three Onboarding Modules that utilize the power of our app.


Immersive and dynamic learning programs  complemented our technology to improve personal and team effectiveness.

People learn best when immersed in meaningful and relevant activity, and at Slixer we have years of experience in creating fun, impactful and engaging programs and events.

Using our advanced technology we take your learning and development objectives and create a program designed to enhance both individual and team performance.

Combining this technology with our creative approach enables us to produce an experiential learning platform that will promote autonomy, mastery and purpose in the fields of:

Leadership | Communication | Innovation | Change | Agility | Collaboration

Virtual and Remote: Combining our technology with Zoom conferencing allows teams to interact in real time from distributed locations in real-time. This includes our Game Master orchestrating the event from a virtual location that can be any type of location to fit your theme. The camaraderie is truly amazing and is essential in building and maintaining team cohesion when your team can not physically be in the same location.

Venue Explorer

An exclusive, interactive experience which allows you to explore your chosen venue.

Ideal for a short break-out activity or evening activity to get your audience mingling at your event venue. Teams will be sent on a mission unlocking tasks and challenges using image recognition.

Equipped with your smart device as your guide, this is a team event with an interactive twist as you work together to navigate around the venue; answer questions, complete tasks and tap into your most creative side to complete photo and video challenges to earn your team valuable points.

The Pitch – Indoors or VirtuallyThe Pitch Virtual Team Building

Teams will be put through their paces in this interactive table top game – perfect to put a team’s creativity, time keeping and business acumen to the test in a fun and engaging way…

In this creative and challenging game, teams will be required to create, market and pitch a product to prove they have the business acumen and entrepreneurial skills to be on the winning team.

The success of the team starts with the initial challenge of quickly identifying each others’ strengths and delegating specific roles including – project manager, marketing, finance and design. Divided into three distinct sections, teams aim to fulfill a range of business objectives in a logical order – everything from designing logos, filming adverts and creating marketing material, to interviewing potential consumers and creating a prototype product from materials gathered during the day. Fun business trivia will keep the entire team engaged while they battle to create a product worthy of the boardroom!

Virtual and Remote: Combining our technology with Zoom conferencing allows teams to interact in real time from distributed locations in real-time. This includes our Game Master orchestrating the event from a virtual location that can be any type of location to fit your theme. The camaraderie is truly amazing and is essential in building and maintaining team cohesion when your team can not physically be in the same location.


Explore, learn, compete – a unique, interactive team building experience which allows you to explore an iconic museum.

Discover hidden facts and amazing artifacts, whilst completing engaging photo and video challenges at some of the North America’s leading museums including the Art Institute of Chicago, Glenbow Museum, Museum of Anthropology, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Royal Ontario Museum and Natural History Museum of Los Angeles to name but a few.

Armed with our app as your guide, this is a museum scavenger hunt with an interactive twist as you work together to navigate around the museum using image recognition and augmented reality to answer questions, complete tasks and tap into your most creative side to complete photo and video challenges to earn your team valuable points.

View ‘All Locations’ to see all of our museum location games

Museum Explorer

Questions, tasks and challenges…

Explore, learn and work as a team whilst tackling a variety of questions, trivia and team challenges. Incorporating interesting facts about the exhibitions, displays and artifacts this is a unique team event designed to test your knowledge.

Support, planning and event management

Our dedicated and experienced team will work with you before the event, to help plan every detail.

All our events can be run with remote support using your own devices or fully managed with an event facilitator.

Head indoors and explore an iconic museum near you…


Fundraising Events

Would you like a unique way to raise funds when every other cause is vying for the same dollar?

We have excellent programs and intergrated technology allowing real time fund collection in app combined with entertainment. It can be a murder mystery gala, explorer or a scaled scavenger hunt. We can have a “randsom” required to be raised where guests “buy” the freedom of a kidnapped boss right in our unique app and other amazing scenerios. We will fully manage the event from ticketing, social networking, media engagement and facilitating.

Need a mass of people but can’t get the mass together at the same time? We have a solution for that! Our virtual technology allows for your fundraising endeavours to take place virtually, remotely, over time or a combination of these. This allows for people to fully interact with each other without physically having to be in the same location at the sametime.

Truly amazing!

Easily raise the funds you need with one event.

Our technology and team can handle intimate events to much larger numbers across multiple days and even locations. We can integrate aspects such as selling 50/50 tickets or a silent auction during the event right in our app. We know how to maximize the ability to raise as much money as possible and spread the word and create a buzz.

So, why choose Slixer?

We have provided scores of companies and groups top level entertainment and team events. Our clients are so happy with their events they regularly refer us. With more than 20 years of experience in entertainment and team events, and a network of global affiliates, we have the best tools and talent in the field to help you achieve your desired event goals. Why Slixer? Because your passion is our passion.