22 Mar

Mystery at the Mansion…

This holiday weekend Slixer Entertainment offers two unique Mystery Dinners in Vancouver. Friday, April 2nd will be at the historic Brock House on Jericho Beach for a little Mystery at the Mansion and Saturday April 3rd is our famous Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise on English Bay…two shows, two dates, the choice is yours…or is it!

An exceptional unique way to enjoy your evening, combined with a fantastic Mystery Menu, and these events are a sure hit.

15 Mar

Another Great Success!

“Great humour, great acting, great on-the-spot improv, great working with us, professional and terrific entertainment all around!” – Birthday Girl –

With a half a dozen shows this weekend, we thought we’d pass along some typically wonderful feedback, this one from a private birthday party in Vancouver – it was a surprise organized by her husband.

10 Mar

10 Ways to Get Fired Planning Your Company Event!

There are many ways to mess up things for the big event, but stress not, if you follow these tips on what not to do, you’ll avoid getting fired and may actually find yourself promoted instead!

1. Forget to plan ahead, so that your venue and guests are booked on your chosen date.

2. Don’t choose a theme or corporate event venue that will appeal to all of your guests, and just do what you’d like to do. Say you’re a big hockey fan, then assume all your guests are, and so they’ll really appreciate your choice of “Hank’s Hockey Haven” for the venue. Don’t learn about your guests so that you choose somewhere inappropriate.

3. Don’t bother sending out invitations that would have mentioned dress code, or instructions about what clients need to bring. Keep them guessin what they’ll be doing during the day and whether overalls at dinner would work.

4. Never combine business with pleasure, and so talk shop all the time. Make sure sure to have a stressful time with your clients, out of the office, and keep trying to sell to them.

5. Treat clients as walking wallets, brag to clients both big and small. If a client isn’t spending a lot with you at the minute, means that they won’t, and the opposite is also true.

6. Let your guests worry about themselves, and spend all day with your staff, or your most important clients, or your friends. Try not to introduce clients to each other and see if they can do business together as well? DO NOT mingle and make sure that you end up talking to the same people all day.

7. Push hard to impress your clients, even if you have to go overboard. There’s a huge difference between putting on a fantastic corporate event, and being too lavish. Don’t worry if your guests think that you’re charging too much for your products and services. Spend a fortune to entertain your clients, and they’ll all be impressed when you start talking about money and showing off.

8. Assume everything is taken care of by the venue, like drinks and refreshments are included. If guests to have to pay for their drinks or meals, sobeit. Is car parking included? Will you have exclusive use of the room or venue? These are questions best not aksed.

9. If you don’t want your corporate hospitality event to be a fun day out for all concerned, then forget about having experts plan the event? If you plan it like above, then you can thrive off stress and fretting about instead of spending time with guests; you’ll be worrying about everything.

10. It’s important to focus on the cost of your corporate event rather than thoughtfull planning. You’ll want your clients to remember the day for a bizarre location, awful food, and obnoxious company.

Implement the above plan and you’ll be sure to be umemployed the next day – trust Slixer Entertainment to put on your next event, and soon accolades on a job well done will follow instead.

07 Mar

Turning Ten in 2010

[Press Release] Slixer Entertainment, an internationally established Entertainment Company, announced its 10th Year Anniversary to be celebrated in April, 2010.

Slixer wishes to thank all its valued customers for ten years patronage and all the support received including the outstanding nefarious characters and solid suppliers, Slixer Entertainment promises to continue to work closely with each client to tailor the perfect Murder Mystery party or other event whilst providing a little extra fun.

“I am thrilled to see, and be part of, Slixer Entertainment’s 10 year anniversary,” said Gail Bromell, catering manager of Brock House Restaurant. “It’s been a pleasure to have worked with such energy and forming a partnership with the Slixer team. I’m proud that we were the lucky venue to host their first Murder Mystery dinner all those years ago. I look forward to continuing our relationship with more mystery and intrigue”.

Slixer Entertainment started as a one man band and quickly grew establishing a solid team of key personnel and actors.  Slixer has received rave reviews from numerous events held across US and Canadian cities and even Europe.  With their head office situated in beautiful Vancouver it only seemed natural to extend a big thank you to everyone that has shown continued support.

Chris Hill, president, has brought the famous fun of Slixer Entertainment Inc. across Canada, into the US and Europe. “We offer an array of fine restaurants and classy cruise ships focused in adding that personal touch for each client; our offerings are endless” said Hill. “Murder Mystery entertainment hosts performances in castles, restaurants, cruise ships, trains, limousines, private houses, executive retreats, resorts, sky-scrapers and the great outdoors; we work closely with clients to provide the finest of entertainment”.

Slixer Entertainment really does rise above competition due to breadth of experience, locations, event variations, adding the personal touch and diversity. With 10 years of successful events across every business type and hundreds of US and Canadian locales, the choice is easy. Such execution is achieved through strong attention to detail by working closely with ther clients. Slixer’s Team will fill you with confidence that no details get lost in the event planning process.

05 Mar

10 Tips on Event Planning

Starting Monday, March 8th, we’ll be providing some do’s and dont’s of corporate event planning, including; how much should you spend, what should you look out for, should you do background checks, what type of event would be a good fit  and more!