24 Sep

All the Rave!

“We had an awesome day yesterday with your scavenger hunt!” was the feedback from our limo scavenger hunt in Toronto on Thursday for Diageo. Limo Hunts are a great outing for your companies departments and finishing at your local is a great way to determine the winner and award the prize. We use new limos, tricky but fun riddles that take you to famous and not-so-famous landmarks and always have a blast!

23 Sep

Los Angeles Has Entertainment!

Does this seem obvious? It shouldn’t because lately it has not been entirely true.

Yes, LA has always had companies that put on murder mystery dinners, team building events and other group activities, but truly unique; no. That’s where Slixer Entertainment comes in; we offer Los Angeles something that is not the tried and true, we offer an array of unique team building and corporate entertainment events that’ll have you in fits of laughter or having the time of your life.

Our murder mysteries are not the usual “feather boa” affair where you have to suspend your belief, we actually take gathered information and build a custom, comedic event specific for your company, group and needs. Or our scavenger hunts, we also will customize them and offer Amazing Chases based on your corporate mission, or a limo hunt that takes you to locations you have in mind.

We pride ourselves on knowing LA’s distinct tases, locations and style. With that in mind, we tailor each event to suit your needs and we will exceed your expectations, whether in the Valley, the Beach Cities, The Hills or OC, we’re ready to knock your socks off!

22 Sep

Santa’s a Real “Hit” This Year!

Did you almost nod off when your firm was discussing this years Christmas Party? Does your annual Christmas Party need some livening up during dinner with clever entertainment?

Well, our hilarious murder mysteries are sure to impress, we use professional actors to entertain you and your guests during the dinner theatre performance, using information farmed from you to complete the diabolical plot. We take the anxiety out of organizing and do everything for you; from organizing the mystery to securing the venue and arranging for menu choices and drink arrangements.

20 Sep

The Economy Likes Entertainment

Stimulate this! That’s what many firms are doing when it comes to their revitalized entertainment budgets. They see the value in rewarding employess and clients for their patience and hard work during the down times.

That’s where we come in, whether a murder mystery, scavenger hunt, improv comedy, magic show or team building event, the time is right for some corporate entertainment and / or team building.

Whether Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle or New York we are poised to fulfil your corporate entertainment needs.

Request a quote and you’re well on your way to a fabulous and unique event!

12 Sep

Not Your Everyday Strategy Session!

You next group session, meeting, teambuilding or conference does not need to be the same old, same old. Why not make your team actors, directors and filmographers for a day to produce a truly award winning short film they can enjoy after the final edit. Our Movie Making events offer this unique approach to your need to find something new and innovative to put some mojo into your team together time. We have produced these events with rave reviews in Toronto, Chicago, UK, Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle, Boston, Montreal and Edmonton. We can come to your office or arrange for locations we’ve used before. Just send us a request and we’ll do the rest!