31 Aug

McGill University Frosh Week

We did a scavenger hunt for 200 new students to help them get orientated with their new surroundings, here’s what the University said:

“The hunt went very well, the students really enjoyed taking pictures and collecting business cards. Emmanuel was also fine, presenting the rules and so on.” – McGill University –

19 Aug

Scavenging In Style!


v. scav·enged, scav·eng·ing, scav·eng·es


1. To collect (salvageable material) by searching.
There are ways to search and collect and then there is doing it in style in luxury limousines with your friends and colleagues. That is where we come in. Our limo hunt last Friday was done for a great law firm, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP and this is what they had to say:

“The feedback has all been positive.  Everyone had a great time.  The host was very good.  He had just the right amount of enthusiasm to get us all pumped up right at the beginning. Thanks for everything!”

– Osler –

Osler has offices in Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and New York. So, let us take care of your next corporate function with class, style and fun!

15 Aug

His Birthday Was To Die For…

We love doing Murder Mystery Birthdays! Here’s the latest feedback from a client we did on Saturday in Seattle:

“Everyone was great and all had a super fun time with it.  I believe many were fooled thinking that Mike’s cousin, Brian was committing all the murders and we had a tough time convincing everyone even after it was over that Brian really was Mike’s cousin!

While all actors were great, I had particular fun with the lady who played Chelsi.  She sat at our table for a while after not wanting to sit at the table full of “murderers and thieves”.   She was really funny and played right along with us perfectly.

Thanks again for everything.  Mike said it was the best birthday party he’s ever had!” – Jennifer Dosenbach-

12 Aug

SimplexGrinnell Simply Loved Us!

We did a Murder Mystery Dinner in Toronto and another in Edmonton for SimplexGrinnell proving our ability to service our national clientele. Here’s what they had to say:

“It was a great experience at both locations [Toronto / Edmonton]. The food and location were excellent at both places [Solstice Restaurant, Mississauga / Le Creperie, Edmonton] . The interaction with the company business and props was very entertaining. I will have no problem recommending you.” – SimplexGrinnell –

03 Aug

Corporate Entertainment

Summer is quickly slipping by, but don’t let that spoil the fun! When employees come back from summer holidays and work starts in full force in the fall make sure to motivate and reward clients, employees and suppliers with a good dose of fun. So make sure to request a quote for a corporate teambuilding or entertainment event with us; we’re sure to please and on budget too!