28 Apr

Murder Mystery Birthday!

“Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we all enjoyed our afternoon yesterday. The characters were great! Uncle Bert especially liked having Chelsi for his date, and I think he was a little disappointed that she was killed off so quickly:-) More importantly though, the birthday girl really enjoyed it, and that was what we were trying to accomplish. Would not hesitate to recommend it to friends and family looking for something different. Many thanks to you and the entire cast for making her 75th a memorable one!” – Private Birthday Party –

14 Apr

Murder Mystery Collage

A two minute video collage of mystery, murder & mayhem! Filmed on location from Vancouver, Calgary to Toronto and Montreal in many great venues, cruise ships and even clients offices.

We love performing our murder mysteries and what really sets us apart is we stage the shows in classy venues with excellent food, several of the actors are incognito and all the venue sourcing, custom scripting is handled by our event planner so your event planner can relax and enjoy the show as well.

We know that the person behind planning a company event is where the buck stops and that the pressure is on to get the corporate entertainment for their firm right on the money. That’s where you need the reliability of a company like Slixer Entertainment to manage all the aspects, knowing we have worked with most all prominent venues and talented cast in literally every major city across North America over the past 15 years.

So enjoy this quick look at the mayhem that is really very comedic and then imagine what kind of flavour we can spice up your next company function.

11 Apr

Toronto “Whondunit”!

Did the waitress just slip something into that guests drink? Are you really sure that supposed palm reader can predict her own future? And why did the guests next to you just keel over and…die? Because it’s a murder mystery and the game is afoot!!

You’ll have plenty of chances to try and solve “whondunit” during the mystery as clues, newspaper articles and of course “red herrings” are a plenty. The witty detective will surely help you along if not grill you a few times along the way. Then of course there is that motivational speaker your boss said was brought in to give an after dinner speech on “life / work” balance, he just seems a little off. In fact, he seems to have a knife protruding from his chest and is trying to solicit help in removing it! You will be sure to check out the clue table yourself, examine the clues, grill the suspects and if you’re feeling charitable, warn to potential victims.

Our mysteries in Toronto can happen on cruise vessel or anywhere in the GTA but we just added BerBer Social to our list of preferred venues. We’ve been performing for 15 years and only professional actors will be entertaining you. Our shows differ from our competitors in that the suspects and victims are incognito until all hell breaks loose! We also customize our scripts and have a host to guide things along and lastly we take care of the venue requirements if desired as we have forged strong relationships with many fine restaurants.

Let us be the ones to show you and your guests a great time with out Toronto Murder Mystery!


02 Apr

Foot Scavenger Hunt Teambuilding

“Thank you for helping make our team events a success! Both teams [each on a different day] had a great time.” – Mobify – Doing a Foot Scavenger Hunt Team Building event. We planned this as a two day event where each team went on a hunt a day apart. They met back together on the second day to determine the winner and they were only a scant 3 points apart.The Roundhouse Train Clue

Team Building is important and Mobify recognizes the positive results that can be achieved by having teams within your organization engage one another in fun, challenging and rewarding events. The Foot Hunt we did for them accomplished this as the series of clues, riddles and items that needed collected where varied and in random order. They therefore had to figure out the best approach before setting out to hunt down the clues, items and either procure the items or take a creative photo of their team at the clue location.

We customized the scavenger hunt to suit their needs and made it so that they had a maximum of 2 hours to complete from the moment the host finished introducing the hunt and explaining the rules and handing out the clue / riddle sheet.

One can never underestimate the effect a great team experience can have on productivity. People work better together if they get along, understand the others approach to problem solving and enjoy coming up with solutions together. A scavenger hunt, well developed, can have this effect.

Next time you’re thinking of what type of team building event you need to get strong interaction, off-site and engaging then consider a professionally managed Foot Scavenger Hunt.

By Chris Hill