19 Nov

Vancouver Christmas Party!

“Thank you for a fun, entertaining evening! We had a great time trying to solve the murder mystery. The actors really got involved with our guests and made sure that every table was participating. The venue was intimate so everyone felt a part of the scene. The buffet had a wide selection and tasted delicious. The booking process was smooth, it was great to have you [Slixer] and Jeremy [Surrey Golf Club] very involved in the planning, definitely makes it easier on my end!
Thanks again! Look forward to future bookings with Slixer Entertainment”
– InsureBC –

This was a great time they had for their annual Christmas Party and Slixer was pleased to have made it an outstanding success for them with our carefully chosen venue and our dynamite performers that acted out an incognito murder mystery. Our actors love doing these comedic and enjoyable dinner theatre performances, they’d love to do one for your company party as well.

10 Nov

Limo Scavenger Hunt; “…so much fun!”

“The Limo Hunt was amazing! We all had so much fun. Everybody involved was awesome, helpful and very friendly. I would definitely recommend your company to anybody and will keep it in mind for future events. Thanks again for everything.” – Integrity Land –

This was for a birthday party but can easily be effective as a team building event for your company or organization. We use only the newest limousines and the hunt was made competitive so each limo team could thwart the other with detours and road blocks.

02 Nov

An Amazing Race Team Builder!

“Everyone had a blast yesterday, thank you so much for a wonderful Amazing Race. In spite of the rain it was great!” – Bull Housser – Vancouver

As with all our Amazing Races this one was customized and the client had us do a halloween theme (it was October 30th). So one of the challenge stations we had a pumpkin carving and another station was in a pub, teams had to select a costume, dress up and film a 1 minute short movie based on a halloween movie. They were then uploaded to YouTube and viewed at the after party on a big screen. We also had live feeds from several challenge stations which was broadcast to the party room where non-racers were watching the action.

The Amazing Race is an excellent team building event.