30 Jan

Are You Rewarding Hard Work?

Including time for fun in the workplace is often cited as leading technique for employee satisfaction and retention.

As Dan Tynan states in his article on rewarding employees making the workplace fun is #3:


Make work fun. “During a business coaching engagement, I found employee morale to be way down,” said Terri Levine, president of The Coaching Institute. “We created a weekly event to boost morale. One week we asked everyone to bring in a baby picture, post it on a wall, then pick which person matched each picture. Everyone was having fun and socializing while productivity went from 58 percent to 72 percent — all in the same week.”

This is where a well organized event can make all the difference, whether it is more a team building, in house session such as a Improv Comedy Team Building Technique session or a full-out entertainment extravaganza such as a Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise, you can make a difference by rewarding your employees.

01 Jan

Murder Mystery in Calgary!

“Thank you for putting on a great murder mystery show last night! We have been working very hard and it was great to be entertained, eat well and blow off some steam. The show was very fun, entertaining and engaging. The folks that were called out enjoyed it quite a bit. It was very well organized and coordinated. Mark [host] was great and talked to me as soon as I arrived. I have received a lot of positive feedback and the team enjoyed the night out a great deal. I will definitely keep your organization in mind for further events. Thank you so much to you and your team Chris, well done!” – Jacobs –

This event was well planned and we put a lot of effort to get it right as we do with all our corporate entertainment events. Calgary deserves excellent options for company parties and we deliver, in this case a murder mystery dinner for Jacobs, a quality engineering firm. We did this murder mystery event at one of our preferred venues we selected, Q-Haute.

01 Jan

Murder Mystery Richmond

“Thank you very much for your great show! We appreciate your wonderful coordination skill that accommodate huge delay of our dinner and the moving crowd due to the photo booth. You did an amazing job to get most of our employee engaged despite of the big number of guests ( I know it’s not easy!). Our employees had a great time” – Nissan –

 We performed this murder mystery in Richmond, BC at the Radisson.

01 Jan

Team Building Improv – Victoria

“Thanks Chris and Improv coaches.  Our improv team building event was a success and the staff were talking about it for days afterward.  Very much appreciated the contact leading up to the event as well.  We will certainly keep you in mind for next year.” – Panorama –

This fantastic improv team building event was put on by our wonderful Victoria Improv Team. The quality of this event is top caliber and really involves the participants in the best, most effective and engaging team building with today’s cutting edge techniques combined with comedy and laughter.

01 Jan

Vancouver Murder Mystery Cruise!

“We really enjoyed the event. The actors did a great job and the mystery was entertaining for all. The staff on the boat [Royal Vancouver I] was great as well and the food was delicious! We were pleased with everything.” – C.H. Robinson –

We put this murder mystery on for C.H. Robinson aboard our preferred cruise boat the Royal Vancouver I which always provides outstanding service and value and very importantly, great food! Combine that with the actors, script and custom event we put on and you have a real winning evening your staff or clients will be talking about for years.