28 May

Team Building Adventure!

“The scavenger hunt went great, everyone had a good time and it was something we absolutely would do again.

We will keep you in mind for future events and I personally will recommend you to anyone planning similar events. Great value for money compared to what your competitors are offering.”


This was a Team Building Victoria Scavenger Hunt we did in and around the Inner Harbour for about 30 guests. They loved it!

28 May

Edmonton Team Building Excellence!

“The Amazing Race was well thought out and incorporated many cultural and historic sites. Staff acknowledged that they do not often get time to visit and enjoy these important sites, some did not even know they existed. Our staff expressed that they enjoyed the race; solving the riddles and the challenges of the detours and roadblocks. Last, but by no means least; simply having a lot of fun competing against each other!” – Terra Centre –

12 May

Team Building Can Be Fun!

“Myself, the managers and the president are unanimous that our staff got great value out of the Amazing Race event that Slixer put on for us. Fun was had by all! Many managers spoke with their employees yesterday (Monday) and they all reiterated the common theme that it was a fun and enjoyable event. We had very random teams put together and just about every team participated as well as you would expect a unified group would.” – Frontier Supply Chain Solutions –

A great example of how our Team Building events are highly successful in achieving their objective while providing enjoyment and fun. We did this one downtown Winnipeg and it was planned very well with great communication of our clients desired objectives to the troupes on the ground.