The Company

Slixer Events is all about providing the best in entertainment and team building, events and virtual services. Slixer excels because of our experience, locations, event variations, personal touch and diversity.

With 20 years of successful events across every business type and hundreds of US and Canadian locales, the choice is easy. Many of our clients have been with us from the beginning and have done a dozen or more events with us, mixing it up with limo hunts, mystery cruises and murder mystery Christmas parties, scavenger hunts, virtual activities and more.

Chris Hill has brought the famous fun of Slixer Entertainment Events across Canada and into the U.S. & Europe. With ambiance & array of fine restaurants and classy cruise ships, our offerings are endless.

All are set with amazing backdrops for our critically acclaimed events.

We perform in castles, restaurants, cruise boats, trains, limousines, private houses, executive retreats, resorts, sky-scrapers or the great outdoors – always providing the finest of entertainment.

Chris has 20 years of national and international success producing high-caliber corporate events.

The Founder – Chris Hill

As a child what was your ultimate dream and who, if anyone, would you say was your driving force behind following this dream?
I saw myself as a combination of Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, 007 on an important mission, Captain von Trapp escaping tyranny or one of the Three Musketeers; all underline my desire for performance and excitement.

What would you say has been your greatest achievement and how has this affected your life?
My greatest achievement has been visualizing and making it happen. Taking an idea and turning it into a reality which has given me a unique business and a healthy attitude.

In your opinion what has been one of the most significant historic phenomenon?
The human expression of Art (starting with Cave Art)

What or who inspired you to establish Slixer Entertainment?
My passion for entertaining people, I can’t deny the applause is beautiful and the smiles priceless.

What challenges did you face in the beginning and how did you overcome them?
It was a really unique idea and I had no budget. Creative Financing: think friends and family!

What’s next for you/Slixer?
With such depth and strength of our team nationwide, we are poised to introduce many more public shows in all the cities we serve as well further expand the mirth across the UK.

What was the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your life?
Be good and if you can’t be good, be careful.