FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What does Slixer Entertainment offer?

If your event calls for the extraordinary, we guarantee an occasion you won’t forget! We’re a company of professional actors, writers, event planners and producers creating unique, interactive dinner theatre, enjoyable and rewarding scavenger hunts, novel and custom team building with professional guidance & editing plus hilarious improv comedy with customized input from you.

We’ll farm a little inside information, and then design your unique event with incognito characters, professional comedians, classy and excellent hosts, outstanding venues and provide scenarios that will provide maximum entertainment for your guests.

What can I expect from each event?

Depending on which one you choose:

Murder Mystery: as you arrive, our incognito characters are dispersed amongst everyone, they could be anyone from guests to servers or other people of suspicious nature, then, our host, explains the rules of the game. Shortly thereafter all hell breaks loose and our special detective takes over the investigation with clever responses and insightful observations that gets everyone howling with laughter.

The action is interwoven through the evening, and throughout the audience, who “overhear” characters having “private” conversations or “heated” discussions and “hilarious” interactions. Guests question the characters to their heart’s content, and an untimely death or two is guaranteed to occur before their very eyes. A detective helps solve any murders that might occur, then, guests will be submitting the correct, or most creative solution on the ballot provided. The host ultimately identifies the “best detective” and reveals the definitive solution that makes the crime crystal clear.

Scavenger Hunt: whether on foot or in limos, our host will meet everyone at a gathering place and hand out the “hunt kits” and, if a limo hunt, manage the liaison with the limos. they’ll instruct everyone and send them on their exciting hunt! Then, upon return the host will gather the hunted items – photos, items or a combo, and assesses who won during a suggestion of cocktails. They’ll make it happen with laughter and then present the prize.

Movie Making: with prior preparation and guidance from our event planners, your day will start with our team of Movie Making specialists instructing your predetermined teams on camera usage, basic filming techniques, tricks and location verification. They will then move between teams guiding them and providing professional advice. After filming, our editors will get the final films ready for viewing, usually the next day.

Improv Comedy: depending on the size of the group, our 2 to 4 improv comedians will have centre stage when the performance begins right after dinner. They will provide 45 minutes of hilarious comedy with the focus being on custom info you provide our event planners.