Amazing Race


– Fun Social

– Active

– Strategic Thinking

– Communication

– Creative problem Solving

– Collaboration


Digital meets physical in our one of a kind ‘Amazing Race’ style scavenger hunt.

Creatively themed to suit your location of choice, trails of hotspots will populate leading teams to ‘roadblock’ activity stations where anything can happen as you compete in a race to your mystery end location.

Between activity stations, teams have the chance to activate hotspots via GPS containing tasks, questions and fun photo & video challenges. Where possible, we’ll incorporate a variety of modes of transport into this high-speed interactive challenge to get teams covering as much ground as possible in the time available.

Why not use this exciting game as a creative way to get your guests to your dinner, drinks or party location

Questions, tasks and challenges…

Explore, learn and work as a team whilst tackling a variety of questions, trivia and team challenges. Roadblock activities will get teams using our app’s innovative image recognition and augmented reality for a range of cryptic and collaborative challenges for a truly immersive amazing race experience.

Support, planning and event management

Our dedicated and experienced team will work with you before the event, to help put together your game and can also recommend a suitable venue for the start and end of your event.

All of our events can be run with remote support using your own devices or fully managed with an event facilitator.


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