“Thank you all very much for all the work you put into this scavenger hunt and for making it a success. We were all very impressed with the scavenger hunt and really liked how “Paper Towns” was incorporated into the hunt. Sean was really helpful and made the whole event come to life and we are glad that he enjoyed the hunt as well. If we ever have any other events we will keep Slixer in mind.” – 20th Century Fox –

We did this one in downtown Toronto, featured on the Morning Show, and themed all the clues, riddles, items to 20th Century’s new movie, “Paper Towns” [Release July 24, 2015] they were promoting. The film is a coming of age movie where a girl, Margo, disappears one night after making even with those she felt slighted by. Her new friend and neighbour, Quentin and his friends then embark on a quest to find her after discovering a trail of breadcrumbs she had left in the form of cryptic clues.

With all our events, customization really sets us apart and gives you, the client, a full range of options to make any one of our chosen events a complete success.