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Slixer Events teamed up with our global network of virtual team event associates to develop six truly virtual team activities. We are ready to virtually engage your team!

Our global network has launched remote team building events to help colleagues working from home locations to stay connected and motivated. These virtual concepts are not just for now but as we evolve towards a further distributed workforce.

Remote Team Event

Slixer is well known throughout Canada and the US as a leading provider of team building events and activities since 2000. We are delighted to unveil these six pioneering virtual experiences with many more to come.

These virtual solutions will empower businesses in maintaining and strengthening employee bonds. The collective development of these products was deliberately intentioned to support companies’ remote and isolated colleagues and teams.

Human Connectivity

Human connectivity is important in stressful and worrying times but it is also vital in moments to be celebrated in collective togetherness as well. These services are a response to the needs of employee wellness and mental health that has emerged as an important concern. Staying connected and engaged with colleagues and networks is vital.

Slixer is pleased to have launched these innovative virtual experiences that will help organizations support remote and isolated colleagues with a much-needed boost in morale. These include:

  • Virtual Daily Kick-Off – A creative self-led challenge that will set teams on the right track each morning. This is achieved by encouraging employees to shoot their own short motivational videos and photos for one another.
  • Virtual Team Social – A virtual pub trivia quiz that enables teams to have a laugh and get competitive combining our app and video conferencing. This helps in keeping that feeling of unity firmly in place.
  • Virtual Away Day – Teams work together from home to answer questions and complete challenges. Developing the same brilliant communication and collaboration skills that they would on a regular team building day.
  • Virtual Level-Up – The aim of this virtual game is simple: Score as many points as possible before you run out of time. A sure-fire hit!
  • Virtual Murder Mystery – Characters are played live-stream by our live actors or a selection of your people or a combination. Together with your team, you have been virtually brought to the scene of a murder at the Manor House. Participants virtually work together to unlock and examine key evidence, search for clues and catch the killer …whodunnit!?
  • Virtual Explorer-Race – A virtual explorer lets you get out and about for a bit of a leg stretch but within close proximity to your remote locations. Working locally as an individually but virtually as a team.

Chris Hill, the founder of Slixer, concurs with our technologies creator, Jonny Edsner of Wildgoose Events:

“Virtual team building and support has never been more important for employee wellness and mental health. The prospect of prolonged isolation over a long period of time is not good for anybody. We are committed to helping businesses motivate, inspire, connect and engage with remote colleagues and teams. We want to do everything we can to put a smile back on the face of colleagues, make isolation less painful and make the working week work better at home.”