“Everyone at Arpac thoroughly enjoyed the Improv show!! Mark’s team was really funny and they are all receiving rave reviews this morning. Great Job!! Thanks again!” – Arpac – Calgary

and yet more satisfied customers:

“I waited for everyone’s feedback before I replied. Personally, it was a fun night for me and it was great for me to see everyone enjoy your improv comedy show. I liked the way that the show was structured to be interactive.

We all would like to thank your troupe for turning our year-end celebratory dinner into a fun interactive event. Everybody had great time! “More specific” was the phrase of the day the next day!

The event was well coordinated. Performers arrived early and they had the chance to see the atmosphere. They assessed the audience attention and interaction well enough to switch to the next act. This event turned out to be better than what I expected i.e. more interactive and everyone at EMSCAN was actively attending the acts!

Thank you for your service!” – EMSCAN – Calgary