Mergers can be tricky and your boss has tasked you with arranging an offsite team building event to break the ice. Don’t panic, with the choices we can provide we’ll make the job easier. Team building is an essential part of corporate life and when applied properly has lasting positive effects on the participants.

Simply decide what is the main goal of the exercise: team bonding for an ice-breaker, such as a company just merged and the new employees are blending into the purchasing company? Is it a transition where your company is shaking things up a bit and there will be a lot of shuffling of employees from one department to another? Is it up-sizing, downsizing, re-branding, acquisition or other major game changing events within the company? All of these could use something light, fun filled and effective.

It could be something as fun as an Improv Training Seminar or a Foot Scavenger Hunt or just relax and have a great dinner and show with a Murder Mystery.

No matter what the occasion you should allow us to take the pressure off and help guide you based on your exact needs and circumstances.

By Chris Hill