The pitch is in and the Dragons will breathe fire into our idea!

On Saturday Slixer pitched the conept of taking Murder Mystery Theatre nationwide, although not entirely a new concept, as we have competition, the nationwide aspect is new and our talent pool has depth. A very tall order and many logictics must be filled out.

Venues, talent, timing all must be coordinated and then a massive marketing plan must be put into place. all of this would be fantastic to have the likes of Jim Treliving ot Mark Harjvec on team Slixer as they have connectioned to venues, ticketing and in Jim’s case; Global Entertainment which would happily handle the traffic we’d like to generate of 3 shows in 12 cities every week.

The pitch itself went of with a bang, we came in and did a small samplke of what to expect of our dinner theatre and let’s just say there was gun play! They loved it! that’s the key to preparing for the Dragons’ Den, know you product, know your market and most especially do not over value y

So, all in all, whether the Dragons on Dragon’s Den decide to jump on board next season, we will be offering one of our very popular murder mystery dinners at a venue near you. The difference seing we’d have to offer them city by city rather than 12 cities: Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Boston.