You have our thanks; the murder mystery was a huge success! Everyone had a great time and there was plenty of talk “around the water cooler” the next day. I realized as I showed up early to set-up that I hadn’t actually met the actors and had no idea what the script was, and only coordinated with you via email and phone so I was quite pleased to see how well it came together without involvement on our end. Your actors coordinated well with the location and getting the advanced tips / background info on our employees really made for a fun event (I think the faxes being read off were the best part). Overall we were very pleased. – BKDI Architects –

This is typical of wonderful feedback we get from our murder mystery dinners we perform in Calgary and across Canada for that matter. These events, as you can see from the feedback above, really make for great office entertainment and go way beyond the much done “speeches” style of dinner get-togethers. Companies that want to reward staff for their good work will make plans such as these and that makes everyone smile.