Many companies leave the corporate event planning to those that are new to event planning. The stress and fear can be palpable! “Will I get it right?” “Is this an appropriate event for the client?” “Will my boss think I’m an idiot for hiring [drum beaters / rock band / balloon makers / clowns / jugglers / stand up foul mouthed comics / etc]?” “How can I ensure our client / employees / colleagues / guests will enjoy the event?” “Will it be on budget?” and on.

These are typical feelings that are normal in the early stages of event planning. This is where we come in, Slixer Entertainment has been event planning for over a decade and we know how to relieve the anointed company go-to person of much of the burden of ensuring an appropriate, well received, on budget event takes place.

Whether you choose a murder mystery, limo scavenger hunt, amazing race, improv comedy, team building event; you can relax and let us plan everything from start to finish ensuring seamless planning and huge kudos to you for a job well done at the end of the event.