We’ve had an awesome week with 100% happy customers from coast to coast!

“I have been getting feed back from the office this morning about Friday and I’m happy to tell you that everyone I have heard from so far really enjoyed themselves.  Your actors really did their part to involve everyone and make sure everyone was having a great time.  Your staff is really witty and there were lots of laughs to be had.  We really needed to do something different this year and the Murder Mystery Dinner was just the ticket!  The Old Mill Restaurant is very lovely.  It was the first time there for many of our firm.

I do wish you to know that your staff was so obliging.  They were happy and helpful and truly did their best to make sure we all enjoyed ourselves.  Please extend our thanks to everyone at Slixer for their efforts to ensure we all enjoyed ourselves.  Thank you so much as well Chris for all the help and advice you extended me in arranging this event for our firm and making my job all that more pleasant!  We at SBMB LAW wish you and your staff and actors all the best in the future as well!” – SBMB Law –