A two minute video collage of mystery, murder & mayhem! Filmed on location from Vancouver, Calgary to Toronto and Montreal in many great venues, cruise ships and even clients offices.

We love performing our murder mysteries and what really sets us apart is we stage the shows in classy venues with excellent food, several of the actors are incognito and all the venue sourcing, custom scripting is handled by our event planner so your event planner can relax and enjoy the show as well.

We know that the person behind planning a company event is where the buck stops and that the pressure is on to get the corporate entertainment for their firm right on the money. That’s where you need the reliability of a company like Slixer Entertainment to manage all the aspects, knowing we have worked with most all prominent venues and talented cast in literally every major city across North America over the past 15 years.

So enjoy this quick look at the mayhem that is really very comedic and then imagine what kind of flavour we can spice up your next company function.