06 Feb

Awards for Slixer

We’ve been awarded the coveted title “Most Valuable Client” at Ceili’s downtown Vancouver. Only a few select companies garner such an award and this puts us on their wall of fame (see picture). We love working with this great venue in both Vancouver and Calgary.

18 Jul

Reward Your Best Customers

This is a straightforward plan: treat your valued customers to something unique fun and memorable as a way of saying “thanks”.

People like to be thanked for their patronage, they like to be appreciated and every now and then they like to be rewarded for continue to bring their business to you. So how can this be accomplished?

Well there are reward programs, cash incentives, bonuses but none of those show a personal touch. What really does that is an event in which you and they both enjoy fun and laughter together.

This is where we can help with one of our several options like a Murder Mystery Dinner or lunch, a limo scavenger hunt and evening of comedy or an Amazing Chase.

17 Jul

Benefits of a Happy Worker:-)

Companies benefit from engaged, motivated and happy workers. What really excites employees in their companies, and therefore keep companies human resource turnover to a minimum and productivity to a maximum, are organizations that offer more than just high salaries; doing interesting and unique events together outside of work really does make a difference.

Outside recreational and entertainment functions are increasingly becoming a unique benefit companies can offer their workers. These events help keep a team dynamic alive and interesting. Laughter and fun are not just for friends and family, they should be a part of peoples work time too – after all, you spend so much of your time at work and having fond memories and fun reflections is all a good part of building a strong and happy workforce.

Several recent studies have indicated that a happy worker is an underlying key to a company or organizations success:

“The benefits of a psychologically well work force are quite consequential to employers, especially so in our highly troubled economic environment,” Thomas Wright – professor of management at Kansas State University said. “Simply put, psychologically well employees are better performers. Since higher employee performance is inextricably tied to an organization’s bottom line, employee well-being can play a key role in establishing a competitive advantage.”

And how do you achieve these results? Well one way is through ‘playtime’; time spent doing something fun and completely different with your co-workers that fuels the minds need for feel good hormones.

A disengaged employee is an unproductive employee and this costs the North American market hundreds of billions of dollars a year according to a recent Gallop Poll. Gone are the old days of the mean manger theory of bullying and stressing employees to garner productivity and loyalty – the opposite is true.

So give your organization a boost of confidence and strength which directly results in a positive mental outlook.

Our programs, events and activities do just that – if you would like more information please fell free to email us and we’ll get back to you super fast!