What a happy ending that will now introduce a new team building event – Treasure Hunting!  On Sunday, my wife lost her wedding ring at the beach but thanks to Chris Turner from www.lostjewellery.com and his private ring and treasure finders my wife’s ring was found two days later. They asked for nothing for the hours spent combing the beach, of course I offered a reward. My wife’s tears of sadness (and there were many) turned to tears of shear joy!

This has given birth to a new teambuilding treasure hunting concept and we will be putting it to test and developing it over the next little bit.

Concept: Teams will go to pre-determined areas where “treasure” has been hidden, they will then use metal detectors outside or special locator devices inside to procure as much “treasure” as possible. Working as teams, they must decide the best patterns and strategy to find the treasure. It can involve multiple locations, travel, digging, maps, detectors, gps and above all, it will be fun.

Stay tuned for this new offering from Slixer Entertainment! If you would like a Treasure Hunt, simply email chris@dev.slixer.com and we’ll offer you a great rate as our first treasure hunt testers.