Team engagement has evolved. We have solutions.

Virtual Team Events


Virtual Team Events is a well-connected global group of affiliates that gives us strength no other virtual team provider can offer.

We meet weekly; virtually, constantly enhancing our services by using them ourselves. Each of us brings unique concepts to our collective team events. We are diverse and act quickly to bring new and exciting options to the virtual and remote workforce market.

Virtual Team Events was created through the common adoption of our founding company Wildgoose and its unique and amazing technology.Global Teams

Virtual and Remote: Combining our technology with Zoom (and other) conferencing allows teams to interact in real-time from distributed locations in real-time. This includes our Game Master orchestrating the event from a virtual location that can be any type of location to fit your theme. The camaraderie is truly amazing and is essential in building and maintaining team cohesion when your team can not physically be in the same location.