Escape: The Dark Curse

Black Cat, Daily Curse Newspaper, Flame

Wands at the Ready!

The Dark Curse brings with it dark magic and mystery. Your team must use the wands at their disposal to lift its curse before the Blood Moon sets in. Prepare yourself for an outdoor adventure full of magic, excitement and mystery.


Talented Host

Outdoor Escape Challenge

Collect Virtual Items

In-person Event

How The Dark Curse Escape Works

Dark Curse Game Screen

Three Enchanting Levels

Working their way through three enchanting levels, teams will need to learn magic and potion-making skills, all whilst collecting important virtual items and valuable points! The third and final level will see teams put their collected items and new magic skills to the final test to break the curse and escape in a thrilling showdown! The winning team will be the ones to score the most magic points and escape the curse in time.

Discover the CURIOSITIES of your city

Time is of the essence in this mystical GPS challenge. You only have until the Blood Moon sets (90 minutes in human time)  to learn important magic skills, meet curious characters and hunt for key virtual items.

With your familiar by your side, you and your fellow spellcasters will use your smartphones to navigate through your chosen location. Along the way, you’ll be presented with GPS hotspots containing magical challenges and tasks. Progressing through the challenges, you will see the curse begin to weaken as you master your sorcery.

Dark Curse Collage