Improv Comedy

Improv Comedy and Teambuilding

Time to Laugh!

Hold onto your funny bones and prepare for a laughter extravaganza like no other! Our team of outstanding improv comedians is ready to unleash a comedic whirlwind that will leave you gasping for breath from non-stop laughter. We’re not just here to tickle your funny bone; we’re here to tickle it until you roll on the floor in stitches!

Funny-Bone features

Easy Laughs, positive atmosphere

Funny Bone Tickling

Professional host

Time works within your needs

Benefits of Laughing with us

  • Encourages socializing with co-workers and friends.

  • Builds relationships through laughter

  • Great pre/post or break events or after dinner.

  • Great for you abs – they’ll be sore from laughing!

  • Virtual, Hybrid or In-person