Improv Comedy

Laugh Out Loud

Outstanding professional improv comedians will cause full-out laughs! We will work with you gathering inside information to customize your groups improv experience complete with comedy and wit.

Improv is a perfect way to enhance any event with interactive entertainment and laughter. With energy driven improv troupes available in your city, our comedians will have you rolling on the floor in fits of laughter.

Improv comedy is engaging team-bonding at its best!

Alternatively, you can select our Teambuilding Improv event where your people actually participate and learn improv techniques. Comedy fosters successful collaboration. In order to succeed, participants must establish effective communication and accept and build upon each other’s actions while remaining as flexible as possible. As a result, everyone is empowered to interactively discover his or her inherent creative potential.

A Common “Side Effect”

Improv comedy is fun. A common “side effect” of most Improv experiences is laughter. It is widely accepted that introducing humor into the training process, or convention setting, enhances learning and improves retention. Importantly, Improv introduces and supports a brand of inclusive humor in which everyone feels welcomed. This can be contrasted to the exclusive type of humor that marginalizes individuals or groups and often has negative results.

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