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Last Stop…Murder!

murder mystery train

Mysterious Details…

We look forward to having some mysterious fun with you and your fellow sleuths. There will be plenty of mystery & mayhem and your assignment to try and solve…whodunit?!

It’s the 1950’s post-war Europe and everyone on this train has secrets to keep!

“Keep your eyes and ears open…trust nobody!

Dress-up in a 1950’s style if you’d like; there’s a prize for best costume on top of the closest to the “Whodunit” solution.

OPTIONAL Fun – Participate!

Your role is that of an investigator.


Click “Yes!” Button above and Assume a character for yourself and/or your group. We will send Information about your character via email*

Out-sleuth other teams

Prize For Closest Solution

Prize Best 1950's Attire

Talented Guests AND Actors

* Subject to availability