Jungle Survival

Jungle Survival collage of wrecked plane in jungle with lost people looking at a map

Jungle Survival: Replenish or Persish!

Will your team be able to find the artifact before time runs out?

“May-Day…May-Day, we’re going down!”

Empower your team with something unique and fun to engage each other with Slixer’s interactive and clever jungle themed event.


Survival of the Funnest!

Uncover survival tips via augmented reality
Collect and use virtual supplies
Collaborative photos & video challenges
Work together to sustain life points

Jungle Survival Benefits

  • On-site event host will kickstart the fun
  • Fun & camaraderie boosts morale
  • Encourages participation and problem-solving

  • Builds and cements team dynamics

  • Connects teams through collaboration

  • Teams of 6-8

  • Great for large or small groups

How Jungle Survival Works

Augmented Reality Challenges

As you delve deeper into your expedition, teams will encounter tasks that will deplete your life points, whilst others will increase them. By working together and scanning the resources you share (via augmented reality), you’ll experience engaging challenges that play to everyone’s unique skills.

The winning team will have the most positive points before the clock has run out – crowning them the surviving team! 

Collect Virtual Items

Through a series of challenges and tasks, your team must work together to collect items from the wreckage site, overcome jungle perils and find the artifact while keeping up your life points. You’ll find items throughout the five stages of this activity that will help you and your team survive.

Jungle Survival Team Building Information