Edmonton Scavenger Hunts & Races


Edmonton Scavenger Hunts and Races

Slixer’s Edmonton scavenger hunt is a fast-paced and fun way to explore the city! Not only will you get to see some of Edmonton’s most iconic landmarks, but you’ll also have the chance to solve puzzles, complete challenges and compete against your friends for a truly unique experience. Our Adventure app uses clever technology that allows you to track your progress in real time – so join us today for a wild and hilarious ride through the City of Champions! Edmonton’s never looked better!

Edmonton Team Events and Activities

Why Seattle is the Ultimate Playground for Amazing Races, Scavenger Hunts, Limo Hunts, and Spy School Adventures

Seattle's unique blend of urban charm, natural beauty, and rich history makes it the perfect backdrop for all types of interactive adventures. The city's iconic landmarks, like the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, provide stunning and memorable locations for Amazing Races and scavenger hunts. The vibrant neighborhoods, each with their own distinct character, offer endless possibilities for creative and engaging challenges that will keep participants on their toes. From the historic Pioneer Square to the eclectic Fremont district, Seattle's diverse landscape ensures that no two adventures are ever the same.

But Seattle isn't just about its famous sights. The city's hidden gems and lesser-known spots are equally enchanting and perfect for a more immersive experience, especially for our newest Spy School theme scavenger hunt. Imagine unraveling clues in the shadow of the futuristic Museum of Pop Culture, or sneaking around the underground passageways of the city's subterranean history in the Seattle Underground Tour. The blend of mystery and intrigue is ideal for our Spy School adventures, where participants can channel their inner secret agents. For those seeking a more luxurious experience, our Limo Hunts offer a sophisticated twist, combining the thrill of the chase with the comfort and elegance of limousine travel. Seattle's dynamic and multifaceted environment provides the perfect canvas for any adventure, making each event unforgettable.

Live, virtual and hybrid events
Edmonton Scavenger Hunt

Outstanding Scavenger Hunts, Races and Explorers

Slixer's scavenger hunt, races and explorers are perfect for the plenty of public art and spaces as their backdrop. They are fun, crafty and creative and incorporate unique technology with our Adventure app.

Our hunts and races are an enjoyable experience and take place in any location, even Virtually/Remote. Although we often Race or Hunt around the downtown, notable districts, places of interest and parks.

Even with the sometimes wild weather, we can accommodate with our Adventure app indoors. Foot hunt, indoor explorer or indoor Amazing Race. Typically on foot in the downtown core, your offices or a venue such as a hotel or convention centre.  Another great option is our Limo Scavenger Hunt, safe, warm and dry while you are whisked around the coolest spots even in the worst of weather.

Scavenger Hunts and Races - virtual or live

Slixer's Amazing Race

Amazing Race = Amazing Time!

Creatively themed to suit your location of choice, trails of hotspots will populate leading teams to ‘roadblock’ activity stations hosted by a challenge station master in costume. Anything can happen as you compete in the race to your end location and wrap party and presentation.

Between activity stations, teams have the chance to activate hotspots via GPS containing tasks, questions and fun photo & video challenges. If desired we’ll incorporate a variety of modes of transport into this high-speed interactive challenge to get teams covering as much ground as possible in the time available.

Why not use this exciting game as a creative way to get your guests to your dinner, drinks or party location

Questions, tasks and challenges…

Explore, learn and work as a team whilst tackling a variety of questions, trivia and team challenges. Roadblock activities will get teams using our app’s innovative image recognition and augmented reality for a range of cryptic and collaborative challenges for a truly immersive amazing race experience.

Support, planning and event management

Our dedicated and experienced team will work with you before the event, to help put together your game and can also recommend a suitable venue for the start and end of your event.

All of our Race events can be custom built to be virtual where stations can be "hotspots" in and around participants' remote locations. Participants can see in real-time the other team's locations, points and with their own team, they are synced in real-time!

Race or Hunt to build your team

Explorer Series

Explorer Series

  • Venue Explorer
  • City Explorer
  • Museum Explorer
  • Bar Explorer

The city streets, local hotel, world-renowned museum or some of the coolest bars are your playground for this team event.

As you get out and about to explore, learn, compete and collaborate with each other and other teams. Our unique and interactive Explorer series can also be built and played virtually/remotely.

Equipped with our Adventure app as your tour guide, this is a scavenger hunt with an interactive twist as you work together to locate the city, bar, museum or venue hotspots, answer questions and earn points.

All of our Explorer Series are unique to the location you’re visiting and/or remotely located, so no two events will ever be the same. We offer you the opportunity to choose a different destination for your event every time. Delve into historical happenings, identify famous people from the area and gain amazing new facts – this really is interactive learning and fun at its best!

Keep it Collaborative

By removing the scoreboard 30 minutes before the end, our Explorer becomes the perfect tour guide for your group. Adding rules like "No Running" can help even the playing field. We can even add foodie stops, wine tasting and more to help facilitate a culture-packed incentive trip for your group!


Questions, tasks and challenges…

Explore, learn and work as a team whilst tackling a variety of questions, trivia and team challenges. Incorporating historical and local news, interesting historical facts local musicians, bands and sports personalities, famous people, and local food and drink, this is a unique team event designed to test your knowledge.

Support, planning and event management

Our dedicated and experienced team will work with you before the event, to help put together your game and can also recommend a suitable venue for the start and end of your event.

Most all of our events can be run as a virtual/remote event.

amazing race and explorer series

Limo Scavenger Hunt

Limo Scavenger Hunt; the classy scavenger hunt.“THE JOURNEY IS THE REWARD”

Our limo scavenger hunt events are catered for maximum enjoyment while providing class, fun and hilarity. Particularly perfect for a corporate break or team building, birthday parties, stagettes, stags and anything in between.

All our locations offer our limo hunts that travel to selected points to showcase the city. For instance, provide a historical reference, further, highlight famous locations so as to challenge the smartest in your group (or limo) and works in most any weather.


  • Each team is supplied with a login to your pre-downloaded Adventure App and also a “Mission Briefing” before the event.
  • Teams are the pre-divided equally further, your group determines division.
  • You have exactly two hours (or three-hour option) from departure to get as many points as you can. Above all, the group with the most points determines the winner. Ultimately the facilitator will make the final calculation.
  • Especially cool is you can see the other teams in real-time and how many points they have too.
  • Some Clues/Riddles and GPS Hotspots are more difficult or further and given that, they will be awarded extra points.
  • As well as clues/riddles there are photo clues, video clues and you’ll be taking videos and clues yourselves.


Hunt and Race To Build Teams


Great for corporate entertainment, team building or team bonding. Nothing gets your team going than getting out of the office for some uniquely engaging fun!

Even Virtually we can arrange for individual or small teams in and around their remote/home office whilst competing with others down the street or around the world.

We customize for any occasion and you can request specific information about each type of hunt or race. You can brand our Adventure app with your colors and logo and have cool videos from your boss released during the hunt where they’ve been kidnapped and you must find them! The video can be a message of encouragement and there can be more than one as the hunt progresses.

Indoor Team Events

Why "XYZ Generic Roam Co." Isn't the Right Choice for Your Corporate Team Scavenger Hunt Event

Beyond Basic Adventures: Elevate Your Experience with Premium Events

Regarding corporate team building events like scavenger hunts, urban explorations, or limo hunts, you deserve more than a standard package. XYZ Generic Roam Co. offers a fun, simple way to explore cities, but for professional and impactful team-building experiences, you need something that truly stands out. Here's why opting for XYZ Generic Roam Co. might not meet your needs:

  1. Limited Customization and Personalization

XYZ Generic Roam Co. provides pre-set tours designed for general audiences. While these tours are entertaining, they lack the customization necessary for a corporate setting. Our events are tailored to your company's goals, culture, and team dynamics. We design challenges and activities that foster genuine connections, address your unique objectives, and reflect your corporate values.

  1. Generic Content

XYZ Generic Roam Co.'s tours are scripted and standardized, offering a one-size-fits-all experience. For a corporate event, this approach can feel impersonal and uninspiring. We ensure that every aspect of your event is customized, providing engaging and relevant content that resonates with your team. This includes personalized challenges, company-specific trivia, and meaningful team-building exercises.

  1. Quality and Depth of Engagement

While XYZ Generic Roam Co. focuses on simple point-based challenges, our events delve deeper into team dynamics and collaboration. We incorporate complex problem-solving tasks, strategic planning activities, and creative challenges to enhance teamwork and communication skills. Our events are crafted to inspire genuine interaction and long-lasting connections among team members.

  1. Professional Facilitation and Support

XYZ Generic Roam Co. offers a self-guided experience, which might not be ideal for larger or more diverse corporate groups. Our events have professional facilitators who guide the activities, ensuring smooth execution and maximizing engagement. We provide support before, during, and after the event to ensure everything runs smoothly and all participants are fully involved.

  1. High-Quality Experience

With XYZ Generic Roam Co., you get an introductory scavenger hunt. For a truly memorable and impactful corporate event, you need more. We offer high-quality experiences, including premium materials, advanced technology integration, and top-tier event design. Our activities are crafted to leave a lasting impression, making your investment worthwhile.

  1. Cost-Effective Without Compromise

While XYZ Generic Roam Co. might seem like a budget-friendly option, remember the adage: "You get what you pay for." Our events offer exceptional value, providing a comprehensive, immersive experience that justifies investment. We understand the importance of ROI in corporate events and strive to deliver outcomes that exceed your expectations.


Choosing XYZ Generic Roam Co. might save a few dollars upfront, but for a corporate team building event that truly makes an impact, you need more. Opt for a customized, high-quality experience that aligns with your goals and brings real value to your team. Invest in an event that will be fun and foster stronger team connections, enhance collaboration, and create lasting memories.