Vancouver Murder Mystery Cruises

Welcome aboard the ‘Cruise of Criminal Capers’ in picturesque Vancouver, where the only thing deadlier than the ocean waves is the competition to solve a baffling murder mystery! Join our dapper detective, Captain Clueless, as he navigates through a sea of hilarious suspects, red herrings, and questionable fashion choices. Will you crack the case or simply get tangled in a web of puns and whodunit clichés? Grab your magnifying glass and get ready to sail into a world of mischief, mayhem, and maritime mirth!

Sail away on a Vancouver murder mystery cruise where hilariously sinister deeds unfold right before your eyes! It’s a real-life game of Clue on the open seas – are you brave enough to uncover the culprit behind the madness that ensues? Get ready to laugh, gasp, and play detective as murder and mayhem take center stage. Ahoy, mateys – grab your magnifying glass and join the fun!

Warning: This cruise may cause excessive laughter and a sudden urge to wear a trench coat and fedora.

We sail with Royal Vancouver I, departing Granville Island right next to Bridges. This vessel has new carpet, new leather couches and Satellite TV for any A/V needs.

Murder Mystery Cruises are great way to combine entertainment while cruising Vancouver’s famous waterways, such as the Burrard Inlet, False Creek and English Bay.

Accompanied by a professional DJ or live band (upon request) the night will be unforgettable! The all-inclusive package includes appetizers and entrees from our innovative chef made with fresh local ingredients. Delectable desserts are also served as part of your cruise

So look no further (if you made it this far!) for a killer dinner experience. Come aboard our Vancouver murder mystery dinner cruise for a deadly good time! Our public and private cruises run all year long, so grab your friends and book your spot before someone else does! Who knows, you might even be the one to solve the crime – just watch your back… muahaha!


Sail away on a thrilling murder mystery cruise where hilariously sinister deeds unfold right before your eyes!