Pirate’s Cove

More Than Just Treasure!

Ahoy maties! Our Pirate’s Cove challenge will take you on an epic virtual adventure, unlocking challenges and scavenging items via an interactive treasure map! Time is precious me hearties so get your team in ship shape – there’s treasure to be found!


  • Available as a virtual, hybrid or in-person event
  • Virtual treasure map
  • New scavenger hunt features
  • Engaging photos, videos, puzzles and clues
  • Add actors’ option
  • Fun!

Make your New Year’s resolution to have more team bonding activities, especially with the remote and hybrid teams of your company. 

  • Engage your employees through world-renowned team activities.
  • Slixer Events are experts in keeping teams motivated and engaged.

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Ahoy there!

Welcome to a pirate scavenger hunt that’ll put the jolly in roger! Using our award-winning app, you and your team will abandon ship and embark inland on an adventure to find the legendary treasures of Pirate’s Cove!

When you think of pirates and pirates games, you can’t help but imagine pirates of all shapes and sizes swashbuckling their way across the high seas in search of riches; hoisting their flags at pirates’ cove, sailing with a band of rowdy sailors, and speaking the notorious pirate lingo.

A good pirates game will bring all that and more to your virtual world – where you get to be a fearless warrior out for adventure and glory. Whether you’re on a treasure hunt for gold coins or forming alliances with other ships, quests like this will keep you sailin’ until the sun sets.

Don’t forget when is comes to pirates games, no two are alike! So grab yourself an eye patch, sharpen your sword, and chart a course for surefire fun and thrills.