Onboarding Plan

Onboarding a new hire, now what? You need an Onboarding Plan.

Company policies, desk, computer, phone, email address, show them the lunchroom, done. Right? Sure, if you want the thousands you’ve invested in getting to this stage only to invest tens of thousands more. Meanwhile, they start planning their exit strategy within 6 months. That’s right, 6 months; the average time an improperly onboarded employee starts making a break for it.

Onboarding needs a plan

We Have a Plan, Do You?

Forget the money, what about your companies productivity? You hire people to keep it up, so why not make the process bulletproof. How? Gamify. That’s right, gamify. It’s not just a trendy concept, it’s real.

“Gamification of any type of training increases engagement – and onboarding gamification is no different. Using onboarding gamification to help onboard new hires into a sales team is a great way to welcome an employee to their new job.” – elearningindustry.com –

Here are the Facts

In fact, according to a jarring 2018 Gallop report, only 12% of employees “strongly agree” their company does a great job onboarding.

Vanita Bellen, True North Coaching and Consulting suggests implementing Mobile Enabled Learning:

“Onboarding will incorporate touch points with new employees that are enabled by mobile technology. Information will be delivered by this means, as well as real-time measurement of the new employee’s engagement. Microlearning, a way of delivering content in small bursts, is one of the best learning methods for adults and will be used to teach job-related skills and help with integration.”

An Onboarding Plan Built For You

This is where Slixer can help. We can build your company a unique, modular, onboarding program that can either be stand-alone or compliment your existing program. Using our advanced technology we provide a unique, gamified solution to support your onboarding & orientation requirements, wherever in the world you may be. Our innovative and immersive app has been designed to gamify the process of onboarding & orientation; whether you’re looking to help new recruits get to know the office and local area, relocating offices, encouraging employees to get out and about discovering your campus or business park or helping graduates settle into working life – we’ve got it covered!