Pirate’s Cove

Pirate's Cove
Virtual, hybrid or in-person event
Collect virtual items for barter
Engaging photos, videos, puzzles and clues
Virtual treasure map

Ahoy me maties!

Make your treasure hunt interactive with live actors!

During you hunt you will collect items (both virtually and physically) that you will need to use to unlock secrets. Our actors will be at locations either virtually or in-person to receive collected items, engage teams and help unlock the secret needed to get closer to the treasure.

An example of one of the characters:

Your team has collected several items including a broken bottle, matches, a net, food and a mirror. On your hunt you come across a mermaid next to the “Siren Sea”. She will let you pass IF you have the right items. Her clues and your smarts will determine if you’ve collected the right items for this pass point to be unlocked!


How Pirates Cove Works

Unlock Points & Locations

Avast, it’s a hunt for ‘X marks the spot’ and accuracy is well-rewarded here me hearties! The more points you gain, the more locations you unlock and the more virtual items you collect.

But time is precious so don’t dilly dally and keep your virtual items safe. You never know when you might need them for a bonus task or two! The winning team will be the one that reaches the treasure with the most points, or the one that makes it furthest across the map!

Get Creative

Working your way across an interactive treasure map, you and your team will unlock a series of challenges that will earn you points and virtual items to use on your adventure! Each task you come across will require you to scavenge and get creative in order for the next section of your map to appear.

It’s all hands on deck as bonus points will be awarded to any team that reaches the riches of Pirate’s Cove!