Scavenger Hunts

Explorer Series Collage of people exploring and having fun in various locations and forms of transport, such as limousines.

Scavenger Hunts are fun!

Elevate your team outings to legendary status with Slixer’s unbeatable scavenger hunts! Say goodbye to dull and hello to extraordinary as you dive into a world of premium scavenger hunts designed to ignite interaction, leadership, and collaboration.

Hunting while Relaxing

Set in a relaxed and playful environment, these hunts are the ultimate morale boosters, guaranteeing unforgettable experiences that will have your team bonding like never before. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime – start your Slixer scavenger hunt today and create memories that will last a lifetime!


Key features

Competitive fun

Explore your chosen location

Award winning tech

Talented Host

Benefits of Scavenger Hunts

1. Energizes Morale: Team building scavenger hunts are the ultimate morale boosters, injecting a surge of excitement and fun into your team outings.

2. Fosters Participation and Problem-Solving: These hunts actively engage participants, encouraging teamwork, creativity, and quick thinking to overcome challenges and solve puzzles.

3. Strengthens Relationships: By working together towards a common goal, team members develop stronger bonds, trust, and camaraderie, leading to improved collaboration and communication within the group.

4. Explores Together, Unites Forever: Scavenger hunts provide a unique opportunity for teams to explore their surroundings, discover hidden gems, and create shared memories that strengthen their connection long after the hunt is over.

5. Tailored to Your Needs: Whether you have a large team or an intimate group, team building scavenger hunts can be customized to accommodate your specific requirements, ensuring an inclusive and personalized experience for everyone involved.

6. Scalable for Any Group Size: No matter if you have a small department or an entire organization, scavenger hunts can be seamlessly adapted to accommodate both large and small groups, ensuring everyone can participate and contribute to the team-building experience.

7. Exciting and Memorable: From the adrenaline rush of completing challenges to the sense of accomplishment when solving puzzles, team building scavenger hunts create lasting memories that participants will talk about long after the event, creating a positive and enduring impact on team dynamics.

Get Ready for a Thrilling Scavenger Hunt Experience Like No OtherTeam Building events as they try to solve the clues

Looking to take your team building or office party from “meh” to magnificent? Prepare for a wild ride with Slixer’s mind-blowing interactive scavenger hunt! Brace yourselves, because this ain’t your grandma’s hunt—it’s a high-octane adventure that will leave your team begging for more!

Picture this: a fusion of cutting-edge technology and our top-notch activity platform, all working together to create an epic team-building extravaganza. We’ve cranked up the fun factor to eleven, delivering an experience that will blow your socks off, no matter how big or small your group is.

Challenge Your Team’s Skills and Bond Like Never Before

Forget about mundane walking tours; with our scavenger hunts, you’ll embark on an exhilarating quest using your trusty smartphones and our mind-blowing app. Your mission? Explore the city of your choice while hunting down GPS hotspots that hold wicked problem-solving challenges and brain-busting trivia questions. As you conquer each hotspot, you’ll amass virtual scavenger hunt items, giving you the chance to rack up bonus points like a champion!

Amazing Race Amazing TimeDiscover, Compete, Conquer: Join the Ultimate Urban Scavenger Hunt Adventure!

Finding the perfect team activity can be as tricky as untangling a slinky, but fear not—we’ve got you covered! Our scavenger hunt challenges combine the ultimate trifecta: heart-pumping fun, brain-teasing problem solving, and a healthy dose of adventure. It’s the surefire recipe to make your next team event or company away day an absolute blast!

Time to step outside, take a leisurely stroll, and discover the hidden gems of your city through our outdoor interactive scavenger hunt. Are you ready to embrace the challenge and unleash your team’s inner Sherlock Holmes?

Booking is a piece of cake—just reach out to us, and we’ll work our magic to customize a mind-blowing scavenger hunt experience for you and your squad. Get ready for a wild ride that will have everyone talking for years to come!