Space Survival

Space Survival collage of spaceship, planets, galaxy and game screen for this team event.

Space Survival: Repair or Despair!

While on a planetary exploration mission, you and your team find themselves in the eye of a fierce geomagnetic storm!


Empower your team with something unique and fun to engage each other with Slixer’s interactive and clever space themed event.


Phasers Set to Fun!

Explore your chosen location via GPS map
Collect virtual items for spacecraft repair
Immersive photos, videos and codebreakers
Work together to sustain life points

Star Fleet Benefits

  • On-site event host will kickstart the fun
  • Fun & camaraderie boosts morale
  • Encourages participation and problem-solving

  • Builds and cements team dynamics

  • Connects teams through collaboration

  • Teams of 6-8

  • Great for large or small groups

How Space Survival Works

Repair Your Spacecraft

It’s all systems go as you compete with other teams to keep your life points up, collect the necessary items and get back to your home planet.

The winning team will be the ultimate space survivors, having repaired their spacecraft and kept their life points in the positive zone!

Maintain Your Life Points

You must navigate around your chosen location (aka the crash site) to find and collect the scattered parts of your spacecraft. As you locate each part, you’ll discover a number of interactive challenges waiting for you!

When you complete tasks and unlock life points, you’ll need to use the parts you’ve collected to repair your craft’s dashboard. But beware, curveballs exist on this strange planet and they’re a risk to your all-important life points!