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1. Theme and Invitations

  • Theme: Ancient Rome, with a focus on a lavish feast at the Thermal Baths. Encourage guests to dress in Roman attire—togas, stolas, sandals, and laurel wreaths—to set the mood.
  • Invitations: Send out themed invitations that resemble ancient scrolls or tablets, detailing the premise of the murder mystery and assigning characters to each guest. Include character backgrounds, motives, and any relevant secrets or objectives they should aim to achieve during the evening.

2. Setting the Scene

  • Venue Decoration: Decorate the party area to resemble the Thermal Baths and a Roman dining area. Use columns, statues, fabric drapes, and lots of greenery. Set up a small pool or water feature if possible to represent the plunge pool where Senator Devius Taxes was found.
  • Ambiance: Play background music that evokes the Ancient Roman era. Use lighting to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

3. Characters and Roles

Assign roles to your guests based on figures from Roman political and sporting societies. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Senator Devius Taxes: The victim, around whom the mystery revolves. You can provide information about him through invitation scrolls or an introductory narrative.
  • Gladiators, Charioteers, and Athletes: Guests playing these roles could have had rivalries or debts with Senator Taxes.
  • Political Figures: Other senators, a consul, or even a member of the Emperor's family, each with their own secrets and agendas.
  • Hosts of the Feast: Members of Rome's elite who could have political or personal motives for the murder.

4. The Mystery Unfolds

  • Introduction: Start the evening with a brief overview of the story and setting. Explain how the game will proceed, including how clues will be discovered and shared.
  • Clue Distribution: Throughout the evening, distribute clues to guests that gradually reveal motives, opportunities, and alibis. Clues can be hidden around the venue, given out after completing tasks, or revealed through interactions with other characters.
  • Investigation and Interrogation: Allow guests to mingle, form alliances, trade information, and question each other to gather clues about the murder.

5. Solving the Mystery

  • Accusation and Revelation: After a designated period, gather guests and allow them to present their theories on who killed Senator Devius Taxes and why. After everyone has had a chance to speculate, reveal the true murderer and their motive.
  • Awards: Optionally, conclude with awards for the best detective, best costume, best actor, etc.

6. Feast and Merriment

  • Roman Banquet: Serve a feast inspired by Roman cuisine—think stuffed dates, olive tapenade, honey-glazed meats, and flatbreads. Don't forget the wine, served in goblets.
  • Entertainment: Conclude the evening with games, music, or performances that celebrate Roman culture, further enhancing the immersive experience.

This murder mystery party format allows for an engaging blend of historical immersion, social interaction, and problem-solving, ensuring a memorable experience for all participants.