28 May

Edmonton Team Building Excellence!

“The Amazing Race was well thought out and incorporated many cultural and historic sites. Staff acknowledged that they do not often get time to visit and enjoy these important sites, some did not even know they existed. Our staff expressed that they enjoyed the race; solving the riddles and the challenges of the detours and roadblocks. Last, but by no means least; simply having a lot of fun competing against each other!” – Terra Centre –

02 Nov

An Amazing Race Team Builder!

“Everyone had a blast yesterday, thank you so much for a wonderful Amazing Race. In spite of the rain it was great!” – Bull Housser – Vancouver

As with all our Amazing Races this one was customized and the client had us do a halloween theme (it was October 30th). So one of the challenge stations we had a pumpkin carving and another station was in a pub, teams had to select a costume, dress up and film a 1 minute short movie based on a halloween movie. They were then uploaded to YouTube and viewed at the after party on a big screen. We also had live feeds from several challenge stations which was broadcast to the party room where non-racers were watching the action.

The Amazing Race is an excellent team building event.

06 Jun

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere!

“We wanted to thank you, Sabrina and the Slixer Team for the Scavenger Hunt yesterday. Everyone had a great time and certainly helped with some relationship and team building!” – Ocean West Financial Group –

Another happy client from their teambuilding event.

13 Jul

An Amazing Time, an Amazing Chase!

Another great day of “Chasing” as the client puts it:

“We had a wonderful time!  Our group is pretty competitive and the Chase created a perfect outlet for us to really let go.  You team was fun to work with and Stewart was a great host.

I will definitely keep you in our database for any future events.

Thank you again for everything.” – Incite Marketing –