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20 Jul

Team Toronto on a Roll!

Team Toronto has been rocking it this summer with Foot Scavenger Hunts and Amazing Races, we just finished one on Friday for 20th Century Fox promoting their new movie “Paper Towns” we even appeared on the Morning Show!
We did one a couple weeks ago for ET Canada who said:
“Everyone enjoyed the ‘Hunt’”
Then this gem for yet another fantastic Team Building event;
“I can honestly say our team thoroughly enjoyed the Amazing Race – we all had a wonderful time and it was a great way to get to know each other a bit better in an informal setting.”
– Nomis Solutions –
Time to plan your next Team Building event!

26 Jun

“That was AMAZING FUN!”

“Thank you Chris and to all your team!  That was AMAZING FUN!!  I’ve been getting so many positive and wonderful reviews and comments from the staff. Saying this was one of the best Team events so far.  We absolutely LOVED every moment of it [Amazing Race].  Thanks for the group photos & video…. That is fantastic!  I will share with everyone.  This will go down as one of our ‘fav’ team events for sure.

We were well taken care of by staff and crew at Mahoney & Sons as well.  Just a spectacular venue and again everyone was blown away by the fact that we had the whole entire floor, patios, the excellent service and food! Dessert was pretty ‘yum’ as well.  And a phenomenal sunset to finish off the night.

Thanks again Chris for making all the arrangements. Very professional and efficient.  I will definitely recommend your company to others and will call upon you again in the future.” – Intel –

This was a team building event for Intel where we planned every aspect including the finish location. Have a look at the video we made for them:

28 May

Team Building Adventure!

“The scavenger hunt went great, everyone had a good time and it was something we absolutely would do again.

We will keep you in mind for future events and I personally will recommend you to anyone planning similar events. Great value for money compared to what your competitors are offering.”


This was a Team Building Victoria Scavenger Hunt we did in and around the Inner Harbour for about 30 guests. They loved it!

28 May

Edmonton Team Building Excellence!

“The Amazing Race was well thought out and incorporated many cultural and historic sites. Staff acknowledged that they do not often get time to visit and enjoy these important sites, some did not even know they existed. Our staff expressed that they enjoyed the race; solving the riddles and the challenges of the detours and roadblocks. Last, but by no means least; simply having a lot of fun competing against each other!” – Terra Centre –

30 Jan

Are You Rewarding Hard Work?

Including time for fun in the workplace is often cited as leading technique for employee satisfaction and retention.

As Dan Tynan states in his article on rewarding employees making the workplace fun is #3:

Make work fun. “During a business coaching engagement, I found employee morale to be way down,” said Terri Levine, president of The Coaching Institute. “We created a weekly event to boost morale. One week we asked everyone to bring in a baby picture, post it on a wall, then pick which person matched each picture. Everyone was having fun and socializing while productivity went from 58 percent to 72 percent — all in the same week.”

This is where a well organized event can make all the difference, whether it is more a team building, in house session such as a Improv Comedy Team Building Technique session or a full-out entertainment extravaganza such as a Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise, you can make a difference by rewarding your employees.

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