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17 Feb

Toronto Murder Mystery Reviews

With all the fun we’ve had in the last couple months entertaining thousands with our Murder Mystery, Lunches, Dinners and cruises throughout Toronto, the GTA for both corporate and private affairs plus the ever popular New Year’s Eve Murder Mystery Dinner and Dance we just had to share a couple sample reviews:

“The evening was just great! The actors were fantastic and it was just an incredibly great show. Our team really enjoyed it and we have received a lot of positive feedback.
Thank you and to the staff on a great job!!! I would highly recommend this show to friends, family and other colleagues.
Thanks again”
– Insite –

“It was a success! Thank you very much to you and your group 🙂
Everyone had a blast and enjoyed their evening.”
– Geotab –

Keep Informed

01 Jan

Murder Mystery in Toronto!

“Thank you and your actors, we had a great time and everyone enjoyed the wonderful murder mystery:-) I can personally say my table and I had fun coming up with the story but perhaps I’m biased because we also won the game! Thanks again for everything.” – Knowledge First –

We did this murder mystery for the Toronto company, Knowledge First. We absolutely had a blast and so did they. With our interactive style of dinner theatre and the fully customized script we really got our guests laughing and enjoying themselves.

11 Apr

Toronto “Whondunit”!

Did the waitress just slip something into that guests drink? Are you really sure that supposed palm reader can predict her own future? And why did the guests next to you just keel over and…die? Because it’s a murder mystery and the game is afoot!!

You’ll have plenty of chances to try and solve “whondunit” during the mystery as clues, newspaper articles and of course “red herrings” are a plenty. The witty detective will surely help you along if not grill you a few times along the way. Then of course there is that motivational speaker your boss said was brought in to give an after dinner speech on “life / work” balance, he just seems a little off. In fact, he seems to have a knife protruding from his chest and is trying to solicit help in removing it! You will be sure to check out the clue table yourself, examine the clues, grill the suspects and if you’re feeling charitable, warn to potential victims.

Our mysteries in Toronto can happen on cruise vessel or anywhere in the GTA but we just added BerBer Social to our list of preferred venues. We’ve been performing for 15 years and only professional actors will be entertaining you. Our shows differ from our competitors in that the suspects and victims are incognito until all hell breaks loose! We also customize our scripts and have a host to guide things along and lastly we take care of the venue requirements if desired as we have forged strong relationships with many fine restaurants.

Let us be the ones to show you and your guests a great time with out Toronto Murder Mystery!


15 Oct

Toronto Murder Mystery Marvels!

“Thank you to you and your team for the fun afternoon on the 20th.  It was a good time!  It got a lot of the staff’s creative juices flowing and created some great competition.

The event went very well and the staff really got involved and enjoyed it.  The actors were all very professional and courteous of our time, as well as that of the boat staff.

Thanks again – we’ll be sure to think of Slixer again in the future.”– Symcor –

Another happy client in Toronto after enjoying a murder mystery cruise and dinner. You too can enjoy one of our gaining murder mystery dinner in and around the GTA. Request a quote today!

04 Mar

Bonding With Laughter!

“Thank you,  the group certainly enjoyed the evening:-)   I appreciate how well your group played along with our company “clowns”, especially your detective.  I had no idea what to expect from this group since this is the first time we actually bring them together.”

– National Concrete Accessories – February 2013

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