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21 Jan

Murder Mystery Toronto!

“Everything went well and I had lots of positive feedback from everyone.  They all had a great time at the murder mystery and our people really enjoyed the show.  Please thank your team for me.  They did a great job.” – Everlink – More great feedback from our Team Toronto and the fun murder mystery corporate entertainment we do throughout the GTA. We travel to Guelph, Mississauga, Oakville, Markham, Kitchener, Windsor and all points in Ontario.

04 Mar

Bonding With Laughter!

“Thank you,  the group certainly enjoyed the evening:-)   I appreciate how well your group played along with our company “clowns”, especially your detective.  I had no idea what to expect from this group since this is the first time we actually bring them together.”

– National Concrete Accessories – February 2013

12 Aug

SimplexGrinnell Simply Loved Us!

We did a Murder Mystery Dinner in Toronto and another in Edmonton for SimplexGrinnell proving our ability to service our national clientele. Here’s what they had to say:

“It was a great experience at both locations [Toronto / Edmonton]. The food and location were excellent at both places [Solstice Restaurant, Mississauga / Le Creperie, Edmonton] . The interaction with the company business and props was very entertaining. I will have no problem recommending you.” – SimplexGrinnell –

18 May

“I’ve Never Done This Before…”

Many companies leave the corporate event planning to those that are new to event planning. The stress and fear can be palpable! “Will I get it right?” “Is this an appropriate event for the client?” “Will my boss think I’m an idiot for hiring [drum beaters / rock band / balloon makers / clowns / jugglers / stand up foul mouthed comics / etc]?” “How can I ensure our client / employees / colleagues / guests will enjoy the event?” “Will it be on budget?” and on.

These are typical feelings that are normal in the early stages of event planning. This is where we come in, Slixer Entertainment has been event planning for over a decade and we know how to relieve the anointed company go-to person of much of the burden of ensuring an appropriate, well received, on budget event takes place.

Whether you choose a murder mystery, limo scavenger hunt, amazing race, improv comedy, team building event; you can relax and let us plan everything from start to finish ensuring seamless planning and huge kudos to you for a job well done at the end of the event.


11 Apr

You Get What You Pay For!

You’ve heard this hundreds of times, but still someone offers you a “discount” on what otherwise would never be “discounted”. You go for it and as almost always is the case, you’re disappointed and often let down in the most awkward position.

Corporate entertainment is no different and I have talked to many clients that were offered, and went with, a vendor offering that appeared to be a bargain; only to be embarrassed by the lack of quality in the actual performance of the event. Or worse, they never showed up or went out of business after they had procured a deposit.

A good entertainment company will be professional from the get go; quotes concise and transparent, everything listed, menus provided, extra costs discussed, what the performance with entail, what to expect, time lines and, of course, what flexibility one would have with number of guests, dates, venues etc. Contracts would be clear, beneficial in protecting both parties in the event of bad weather, kitchen disaster, client going out of business and many unforeseen circumstances. It is a mystery after all. A live show fokes and anything can happen!

You should always check with the BBB to see who you are dealing with and get references for larger shows. Websites should look professional and easy to navigate, if they’re not, then perhaps their performances may reflect the same attention to detail.

It is tempting in tighter budget times to cut corners but from years of experience, I would suggest never cut the entertainment aspect of your function. It will leave only the chicken dinner and a bad taste in the mouth of your guests as they’re forced to sit through an endless performance of amateurs that simply don’t get it right.

That said, check us out, we’d love to fulfil your entertainment and corporate team building needs!