Virtual Murder Mystery fun was had by all during our TMX event for eighty guests.

It is getting more and more tricky to come up with ways to engage your team. Ideas start easy enough like trivia nights, human bingo but these wear thin after a while. There is only so many quiz socials your team can get excited about.
This is why a virtual murder mystery event is something so far from ordinary it inspires and excites. Our mantra includes being uniquely playful and always fun. Well, here’s what our client said right after the event:

“Thank you so, so much for the Virtual Murder Mystery! We’re getting feedback now and everyone had a really good time.
I know for my team, it took a little while to get into the mindset of the game, but once we got there, everything was great.
Thank you for helping inject some fun into our day, we do really appreciate it! I think one of our other teams at TMX has already reached out, so I’ll be sure to share our experience with them too. Please feel free to use me as a reference.”
Laura | TMX

Red hot testimonial and a reference and most important is that their virtual event was fun.

I started this company doing murder mystery dinner theatre over 20 years ago because I love making people laugh. Even now, with all the challenges I have found a way to connect to an audience and make them laugh and engage. I can not emphasize how important that is for teams to stay connected and happy.

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