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Calling all tech-savvy wild ones and virtual event enthusiasts! Get ready for a mind-blowing experience that will make you go “Whoa, that’s virtual magic!” We’ve got the perfect formula to transform your screen into a hub of fun and engagement, all thanks to our incredible team of online tech wizards, talented actors, and charismatic hosts.


Slixer Virtual & Hybrid Teambuilding

Virtually Endless Fun!

“Thank you so much for a great virtual murder mystery party.  The team absolutely loved it and said they had so much fun.  The actors were great and they loved being able to interact and ask them questions.  It was entirely a great experience!”Sephora Review

Virtual Team Events

jungle scene of plane wrecks, Maya pyramid and more
Embark on a thrilling adventure with Jungle Survival! Your team of daring "archaeologists" will venture deep into a remote jungle island in search of a legendary artifact. Do you have what it takes to uncover the treasure before time runs out? Join us and find out!
Spaceship in outer space with planets in starry sky with nebula and flying galaxy city or station with high towers. Cosmos, universe futuristic fantasy view for teambuilding.
Uh-oh! Your spaceship is down and out on a planet that's about as warm and welcoming as an ice bath. Can you and your team fix that bucket of bolts in time to get the heck off this rock, or are you going to be here until the end of time? Time to suit up and find out!
The body of a wealthy tycoon has been discovered and the killer is still on board. Solve this heinous crime before the train reaches its final destination!
Manor House, Detective, Zoom Call, Virtual Setting
Delve into the intrigue of Murder Mystery Manor House, where you'll be led through a captivating mystery, sparking unforgettable moments and conversations. It's the perfect chance to unleash your inner detective. Join us for an adventure that promises suspense, fun, and a story to remember.
Art Heist Virtual Team Event
The Great Art Heist Crisis: Time is ticking! Work with your squad to decode the puzzle and flee the scene before the cops arrive. Can you make it out as the real hero? Let's find out!
Murder mystery collage on the mountain with detective.
Murder Mystery on the Slopes | You're ready to hit the slopes when your trip suddenly takes a deadly turn off-piste! An exciting, engaging and fun virtual team event where you and your teams must virtually figure out "Whodunit?!"
Pirate Treasure Virtual Teambuilding
Ahoy there, mateys! Ready to set sail on a treasure hunt like no other? Get your sea legs ready because Pirate's Cove Treasure Hunt is about to make all you scallywags go wild for those dazzling pieces of eight! This swashbuckling team activity can be played indoors or outdoors, so gather your crew and get ready for an adventure like no other. Who's ready to become the ultimate pirate of the high seas? Argh!
Spy Training School with world travelers, passports, guns, silencers and top secret dossier.
Get ready for some undercover action in our Spy School Training Team Events! Join us on a top-secret mission to become the ultimate agents and master the art of espionage. It's time to put your skills to the test and uncover the spy within. Don't miss out on this epic adventure!