Virtual Team Events & Activities

About Virtual Events

Race or Hunt to build your teamWhat are Virtual Team Events?

Literally, share your team experiences with remote and distributed colleagues virtually!

Virtual Team Events are the perfect solution to help bring geographically distributed teams together. We understand the challenges that come with bringing all your employees together in one place, especially in today’s environment.

Collaboration is key

We have collaborated with our global network of virtual team events providers to develop and launch our industry’s unique virtual team events. These virtual activity options allow geographically distributed teams more effective and engaging events than ever before.

Hybrid Events

As the work environment evolves we also offer Hybrid events. These are a combination of In-Person and Virtual events. The office staffing configuration will never be the same, this is actually a positive that has emerged. Some staff are essential to be centrally located at the traditional office, whereas many others working from home makes sense, even if on a rotational basis. Further, some staff will never return to the office.

Given these configurations, our Hybrid options will enable a team of 10 working together centrally to engage in an event with the co-workers working remotely as a team. Our unique Adventure app combined with virtual conferencing makes this seamless, effective and essential. Essential because even though you have a distributed workforce you want to avoid the centrally located team inadvertently start to shut the remote workers out of the creative loop.

Any of our Virtual events can be custom built to involved some In-Person collaboration as well as the Virtual aspect. We even have challenges and tasks specific to address in a light-hearted way some of the new safety measures.


Remote Teams

Remote and Distributed Teams

Remote Teams need to be engaged.

Bring remote employees together with our interactive, game-sharing experience – all without leaving the comfort and safety of your home!

With several themes to choose from as part of our Remote Team Building Series, we’ll facilitate team interaction through live video streaming and our award-winning Adventure app.

Hybrid Options

As our working environment evolves there will be some common configurations. One of those will be several employees essential to the physical location of the company office and another group better suited to work from home.

In this scenario, we have developed team events that will engage both the smaller location-based participants with the individual remote workers.


Custom Tailored

Virtual & Remote Events & Activities

Customization takes events to a whole new level.

Using the principles of our Remote Team Building Solutions, we can deliver experiences that reinforce key company messages that you wish to communicate to your staff during a remote working time period. These could be business updates, health and wellbeing suggestions or broader training topics.

Add Your Media

Whether a welcome message from the boss, photos from a past event, specific product material or a combination of these, we can build them into your game.

Our app and developed games offer the unique function of adding some relatable content, or the entire build.

Your branding, colours, questions, trivia, media, values, taglines and more can be used as the foundation of the architecture of the game.

Virtual Murder Mystery

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Spy School Intelligence Training

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Around the World

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Virtual Away-Day

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Virtual Festive Social

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Arctic Escape: Optional Live Characters

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Art Heist Virtual Escape

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Virtual Social Quiz

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Virtual Hunts & Explorers

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Space Trekking

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