Increase Productivity Through Learning & Development

Corporate learning and development in today’s competitive, global markets is a must. These markets are evolving at a blinding pace, keeping up is essential to survival. To get the very best from your staff, increase job satisfaction, reduce staff turn-over and increase productivity you need a plan. That plan will need to focus on fostering an environment of continued learning and development. A recent statistic relevant to this is that 68% of employees have switched jobs simply because learning and development programs were absent. When it comes to Millennials, L&D is noted as being the single most important benefit an organization can extend. Further, a whopping 213% of starting salary is spent replacing a staff member. Research shows that companies need new and powerful learning strategies.

Careful use of learning and development will make staff happier employees and increase to company coffers over the long term.

What tools should you choose?

Times have evolved and no more dull boardroom presentations or animated powerpoints. With the plethora of choices out there, learning and development programs that offer an immersive experience have come to be proven most effective. In fact, at just 8% today, gamification of learning and development is set to increase to 31%, according to a latest survey of managers. So just cobbling and ‘of-the-rack’ program is not the way to go when a customized program has been proven to increase results and retention.

Change doesn’t happen just for change sake, it needs purpose. So have a look at your programs and think about where you can add to your arsenal of effective learning plans.