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Team Building in the Workplace

Team building activities are crucial for maximizing the best your workforce can be. To achieve the desired outcome, employees are encouraged to work smarter and not just harder. Individual genius will not singlehandedly guide the results of an entire project, although it certainly contributes in its own way.

Therefore, it is the combined efforts (or the lack thereof) of the entire team that eventually decide the success or failure of a project. In such cases, team building in the workplace becomes absolutely mandatory for a number of reasons.

If you are doing everything solo you'll find that building, arranging and facilitating a corporate team building event can be daunting. For example, when arranging a birthday party that has negative feedback if anything goes South but worse, if guests have an unenjoyable experience, the buck stops with you.

Team Building Considerations:

  • BUDGET – Do you have a budget for a larger event? Is there an ROI component? A smaller event where a self-managed option could be considered? Doing enquiries with your money people will help guide the process and narrow options. For instance, you don’t want to have a company BBQ when you actually had the budget for a Limo Scavenger hunt concluding with a lounge cocktail party
  • SIZE –  The kind of activities that are options is, of course, determined by the size of your team. Keeping participants interested during large events requires creativity. Customizing for small groups can be focused in a personal fashion.
  • WEATHER – Having a contingency for weather events is important. Many activities are rain, shine or snow friendly, however, we all know torrential rain, blizzard or even extreme heat can be show stoppers. Having options, like moving the Scavenger Hunt indoor to a mall/walkway or consider moving the event by hours or a day or two if need be are all things your event planner will discuss.
  • FREQUENCY – Think about team building more than once a year. This is fine, but if your organization has realized, for example, a recent set-back, upset or needs a boost then an event can inject much-needed energy.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY – Guaranteeing the safety of the participants is essential. Review the risks and discuss what needs to be addressed to alleviate the risk to a minimum.
  • TRANSPORT – Sometimes your activity may involve bringing teams from various locations together to one point or you want to simply get every out of the industrial park to a location better suited for the style of event. Keep in mind the traffic, expense and mode of transport.
  • TEAM BUIlDING CAPABILITY –  Some people run marathons, others don't. Teams will always have variations and with that in mind, the activity should offer opportunities for the team to get better acquainted in a fun, engaging and non-stressful manner. After all, that is one of the desired outcomes.
  • OVERALL ENJOYMENT – Is it going to be challenging, special enough and of course memorable? Will it engage and appeal to your whole team? The entire team should feel the event is engaging and appealing. It should be unique yet challenging which in turn will make it memorable in a positive way.

 In conclusion

Don't let the stress of designing a team-building event fail you. A smart move is to allow a professional team building planner to take the reigns ensuring employees feel included and valued. Now you'll be able to join in the fun and relax!

The Adventure App

Whereas you've had other team building events and now want something uniquely engaging. Then it's an especially good time to move your team building into high-tech engagement.

Our Adventure App events are very popular with teams competing or conversely, collaborating with the other teams. Equally they add a layer of team cooperation to accomplish the goal.

Using our exclusive Adventure App so to make team building events outstanding opportunities to really strengthen your troupe, regardless of which activity you choose.

Variety of Event Choices

Whether indoor or outdoor or a bit of both, in particular teams are encouraged to utilize their creativity and communication. Namely complete photo and video challenges together with a series of trivia and questions. Consequently teams will need to stay focused, as there is no way of telling what could come up next! This team challenge is guaranteed to get people working together, and having a blast whilst they’re doing it. Teams will have a blast during the challenge event, in turn guaranteeing getting participants working with each other.

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