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Historic, cultured and full of energy is Montreal which certainly deserves the best entertainment and team building events. Accordingly, we offer hilarious entertainment and team events including team building for corporate and private groups, for example, birthdays and anniversaries. In addition, we offer great corporate events for conference breakaways, off-site days, social and networking. As well as Christmas parties, onboarding, orientation, employee and client appreciation, fundraisers and more.

Team BuildingHaving a common goal and respect for their employees, and they for each other, is how a business will succeed. Hence, a business with a fragmented identity and employees uncertain of their place within the company will not succeed. Team building exercises and activities help to boost morale and energy in employees.
Therefore, companies should aim to have a team building activity once or twice a year. Especially if they identify that employees are lacking motivation, showing signs of low-morale or are not communicating effectively.
Accordingly, we have several fantastic Team Building events including Scavenger Hunts, Spy School, The Pitch, Improv Team Building, Amazing Race. Beside those we have tabletop Quiz and Escape as well as other indoor events. We can have teams working against each other or where they must collaborate to complete the challenge.

Social & Networking

At Slixer, we believe having get-togethers is essential to a robust corporate culture. Accordingly, any staff or client event will significantly benefit from our variety of corporate team building and social and networking event.

With the exception of Team Improv, our other team events are fuelled by our exclusive smart device Adventure App. Because of this, all our events can be utilized for a variety of needs. Including:

    • Break out from your conference
    • Team reward
    • Brand & Marketing
    • Team Socials & Networking
    • Client outing
    • Corporate day out
    • Team building event
    • Trade show gamification
    • Indoor exploration

Besides our outdoor team building activities and scavenger hunts, we offer indoor team events at a range of locations and venues. These include places such as a resort, hotel, offices, malls or city walkway systems. Therefore the weather should never be a reason not to go ahead with your team building day or social event!

Slixer is all about providing the best events and entertainment, accordingly our services do just that.

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Dinner, Lunches and Corporate mysteries are always a huge sensation. Our actors are all from the Montreal stage and movie business and love performing these hilarious and custom events.

We have several venues we can suggest that have private rooms or we will come to the venue you have chosen.

Further, our murder mysteries can be turned into a team building event where teams must work together to solve “whodunit”.

Improv Comedy

Improv provides great entertainment value and it can be utilized as a team building event as well. Our Improv Troupe performs almost nightly at many of Montreal’s noted improv clubs but you can book them for a private event. Our team building program  incorporates teaching techniques to your group then performing skits.

Hunts, Races, Explorers: Indoor & Outdoor


Our smart device driven events are indeed for a wide range of situations. Most notably:

Limousine Scavenger Hunt

We will whisk your guests around famous, not-so-famous, classic and sometimes tricky places. Various tasks, challenges, videos and photos will be obtained from cryptic clues and humorous clever riddles.

Amazing Race

Like the TV show: planted actors, custom themes, challenges, tasks, race to the finish line. This is a very popular hunt, it’s fantastic and a terrific team building event.

Foot Scavenger Hunt

Especially built specifically for your needs and location, various themes can match particular needs.

Indoor Explorer

Because when it’s cold outside come inside! For example, we have Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality explorer events that can take place at any indoor location.

All our hunts offer unique challenges and bonuses that complete this enjoyable event. Afterwards, you can gather for a social while a presentation video can be ready immediately for viewing.

We have been providing these fun-filled events for years and now with the addition of our Adventure App have ramped them up to a whole new level. Additionally, we continually add new themes, challenges, clues & riddles so you can come back for more.

Our hunts can accommodate your morning, afternoon or evening requirements and can vary in length to suit your time frame.

A relaxing people pleaser, great ice-breaker to get guests mingling or a clever way to enhance team building benefits that is engaging fun and entertaining.

We have created the most amazing app: Adventure App. This has revolutionized how we deliver our events. Besides giving them a highly polished feel it brings a new level of engagement not possible before. For example, our scavenger hunts, indoor explorers and amazing races can be are played in city or country settings. Giving us further range of event purposes in many locations. Our challenges and team events have been designed to significantly improve team work, collaboration and learning & development. Each event is custom built with unique content, tasks and challenges which guarantees we will meet and exceed your objectives and expectations.

Montreal is the perfect city to embrace our amazing Adventure App technology.